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February 2007

Yahoo Messenger Plus, plugin for YMessenger

Vous aider à découvrir, utiliser, et personnaliser Yahoo! Messenger, ainsi que les autres services de Yahoo!... - -

jQuery Flash Plugin

by 10 others
A jQuery plugin for embedding Flash movies.

February 2006

Plugins-Outils pour Edonkey/Overnet - OpenForum

Mise à jour du pack eDPluginpack1.9 : Bittorrentplugin v0.06d Gnutellaplugin 0.3 Fasttrackplugin 0.10 Fakecheckplugin 0.3 FileVerifier 1.2 Donkeypreview (unoffical)0.6b Linkcreator 0.2 eDonkey firefox Extension 0.2 !!NEU!! 3in1 plugins v2.14 Organizerplugin v2.32 FTP-Plugin v.0.1 torrent2Part v.2.0 Tool MetFileRegenerator v.3.013.5 !!NEU!! eDwatch v. EasyPreview 0.3.7 !!NEU!! avipreview 0.26 alpha Remote-Filesync 0.2 ed2k-linker 0.2 ed2k-link-catch0r 0.2 Re-part 1.0 Peercacheplugin JPC v5 VScannerplugin 0.1

eDonkey Plugins

BitTorrent v0.06d : This plugin allows you to download files from BitTorrent clients. More information can be found here. - VirusScanner v0.1 : We know that having your antivirus program scan your eDonkey temp directory is not only pointless, but wastes a lot of CPU. With this plugin you can safely ignore your temp directory and have your antivirus program scan files on completion. More information can be found in the readme and here.

ENAC-IT1 : Page de test des navigateurs/plugins Web

Page de test et d'illustration des possibilités des navigateurs Internet (browsers) ainsi que des applications auxiliaires (viewers, helpers) et plug-ins (viewers "inline") (outils nécessaires pour traiter certains types/sous-types MIME relatifs à ces fichiers).

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