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December 2006

slayeroffice - web experiments gone horribly awry

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This is where I house all of my various experiments with javascript, the DOM and all other things web related. Have a look at all the stuff down the column over there. Everything from tools to games and a ton of useless eye candy widgets can be found, and all of them are free. All I ask is that if you use any of it on your site that you give credit where its due by leaving any code comments you find in tact and linking back to slayeroffice if you are so inclined.

November 2006

Hacking Firefox!

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Firefox Extension Resources : # MR Tech's Extensions # MR Tech's Quick Guide & Extensions Updates # The Extensions Mirror Site # Mozilla Update Site # MozillaZine Extensions Forum _ Firefox Extension Development Resources : # MozillaZine Knowledge Base Extensions FAQ # XUL Planet's - XUL Programming Documentation # roachfiend's Extension Tutorial # Mozilla's Devmo Development Resource (Beta Stage) # DevEdge Development Resource (Temporary) _ Firefox Other Links : # Firefox Windows Namespace Desktop Icon -New # Performance Testing - Blaster Page (from Chapter 5) # MR Tech's Hacks & Tweaks # Theme Development - MozillaZine Themes Forum

October 2006

by 3 others is an educational Web site design and development resource especially for Web site owners, Web designers, Web professionals, webmasters, teachers and educators, students, and anyone wanting to learn about Web sites. HTML Tutorials, Web Design Tips, Web Master Resources, Web Page Design Tutorials, Articles, HTML Color Charts, CSS Cascading Style Sheets Help - Web Resources, Website Tips

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

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HTML Tutorials - XML Tutorials - Browser Scripting - Server Scripting - .NET (dotnet) - Multimedia - Web Building

Free Programming Tutorial Books

Programming Tutorial Books by Herong A collection of free tutorial books on latest programming technologies. All books are based on Herong's personal experience and ideal for developers learning new technologies. Visual Basic Script Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes Java Tool Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes Herong's Tutorial Notes on JSP Herong's Tutorial Notes on JDK Herong's Tutorial Notes on PHP Herong's Tutorial Notes on Perl Herong's Tutorial Notes on ASP Herong's Tutorial Notes on Cryptography Herong's Tutorial Notes on Java Herong's Notes on XML Technologies Herong's Tutorial Notes on Web Service and SOAP Herong's Tutorial Notes on SQL Herong's Tutorial Notes on XSL-FO and XHTML Herong's Tutorial Notes on C# Herong's Tutorial Notes on Data Encoding Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set Herong's Tutorial Notes on JVM Herong's Tutorial Notes on Sorting Herong's Tutorial Notes on Swing Herong's Tutorial Notes on Unicode Herong's Tutorial Notes on Windows

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Command line reference for Windows, Bash, Oracle, and SQL Server

Customizing Mozilla Firefox - Have it Your Way!

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Firefox includes features such as pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and increased security. Firefox's design allows the user to extensively customize the browser to their individual tastes and needs through the use of extensions and themes. Additionally, Firefox stores many hidden preferences which can be manipulated to turn on or off many other features.

May 2006

HelpReader - Browse Manuals

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Our selection of free published manuals currently includes the following. Click the title of any manual to launch the manual reader.

February 2006

Linux Command Directory: Index

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Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands This directory of Linux commands is from Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition. Click on any of the 687 commands below to get a description and list of available options.

January 2006

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation

Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation is a comprehensive technical resource for installing, configuring, and supporting Windows XP Professional and Microsoft® Windows® XP 64-Bit Edition in networks that use Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows NT® Server 4.0, and other server systems.

Welcome to The TCP/IP Guide!

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The TCP/IP Guide is a reference resource on the TCP/IP protocol suite that was designed to be not only comprehensive, but comprehensible.

CGI Programming 101 - Learn CGI Today!

CGI Programming 101 will show you how to add guestbooks, page counters, shopping carts and other interactive elements to your website. CGI programming is easy to learn; if you know HTML, you can learn CGI. You don't need any prior programming experience.

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