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February 2007 - Essential web tools in one place

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# CSS # Javascript # Ajax # PHP # Ruby # Flash # CMS # Inspiration

January 2007

Embruns > standards du web > Bien développer pour le web 2.0

Critique du livre Bien developper pour le web 2.0 - Bonnes pratiques - Christophe Porteneuve - Editions Eyrolles

December 2006

JavaScript Developer Center - Yahoo! Developer Network

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Welcome to the JavaScript™ Developer Center Do you eat, sleep and breathe JavaScript? This is your source for information for using JavaScript with Yahoo! Web Services APIs. Here you'll learn about: * Yahoo! Products and Services that provide JavaScript frameworks, access, or APIs. * Documentation & Articles we at the Yahoo! Developer Network have written just for you to help you understand our technologies and how you can use them better with JavaScript. * User Interface & Design Resources for dynamic, interactive web application development * Code Samples you can from and make use of in your own web and client applications. * Other Resources out on the Web to help you use JavaScript and the Yahoo! APIs to their fullest. * Community Resources where you can join our mailing list and discuss the Yahoo! APIs with us and with other JavaScript developers.

November 2006

Yahoo! Developer Network Home - Welcome!

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# JavaScript Developer Center # Flash Developer Center # .NET Developer Center # PHP Developer Center # Python Developer Center # Ruby Developer Center

January 2006

*** Ajax & Intérêts - Gérald's blog ***

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En gros, c’est quoi ce Ajax ? Une présentation simple et imagée