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October 2007

World Flags by `-kol on deviantART

The icon set includes squared aqua world flags. Ce lot d'icones inclut les drapeaux du monde entier carres au format aqua.

104 Standard PC Keyboard Key Icons |

I recently needed some keyboard icons for basic keys like “alt” and “enter” etc. for some training videos, but I couldn’t find any. I searched google for some royalty free icons and commericial icons, but just couldn’t find anything. So I spent a bit of time making my own. The result, is this “104 Standard PC Keyboard Key’s Icon Set” which I am releasing under a Creative Commons license.

20 Free And Fresh Icon Sets | Graphics

by 6 others
Let’s take a look at over 20 free, beautiful and fresh icon sets as well as references to further free icon libraries. Some of the sets can be used for free only for private projects, however most of them can also be used in commercial projects. In both cases - before using icon sets please read the license agreement carefully; it can change from time to time.

Freebies Round-Up: Icons, Buttons and Templates | Graphics

by 8 others
We’ve selected fresh high quality icons, buttons, vector graphics, templates and layouts. You might know some of them, but hopefully not all of them. Not all listed freebies can be used for commercial projects, however you can use all of them in your private projects of for you personal purposes. Please read the disclaimers carefully before using icons - they’re changing from time to time.

Europe - Win by `-kol on deviantART

The icon set includes aqua european flags. Ce lot d'icones inclut les drapeaux europeens au format aqua

January 2006