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29 January 2006 14:00

Softies On Rails

So, we are a couple of Microsoft developers (MCSD's) that have each been working with Microsoft technologies (most recently C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, XML Web Services, you know) for a decade. A couple of months ago, just for fun, we decided to give Ruby On Rails a try, on a couple of side projects. (After all, what self-respecting software developer doesn't have side projects?) We hope you'll find this helpful, and comments, suggestions, and you own articles are always welcome!

28 January 2006 06:00

Setting up a Rails development environment using Locomotive

2005 was assuredly a huge year for the Rails development team - the 1.0 milestone was hit, and with it came one of the most innovative development tools available, Locomotive. I've been using Locomotive in tandem with Subversion and MySQL for the past couple of weeks while working on some new projects which are now nearing completion - giving me some free time to write about my experiences using these tools, and how you can utilise them in your own development environment.