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December 2006

Serial Mapper

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La carte permet de dépasser l'horizon Blog sur l'Intelligence Economique, le mind mapping et le traitement de l'information. Toutes sortes de cartes, tres interessant.

March 2006

December 2005

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Welcome to! Our goal is to provide fast peer-to-peer sharing of geospatial data.

Paris Arrondissements: Post 1860 Population & Population Density

Information is from the census of France. Arrondissements (wards) were redefined in 1860, when the boundaries of Paris were substantially expanded. All arrondissements except the 13th, 19th and 20th reached their population peaks before the latest census (1999). Population loss has been the greatest in the four inner arrondissements (one through four), each of which was at its population peak in 1861.

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