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Remote Process Explorer, Find MAC Address - network monitoring tools by LizardSystems

Remote Process Explorer is a powerful tool for managing, monitoring and analyzing processes on a local or remote computer. You can use Remote Process Explorer to not only get the list of processes running on a remote or local computer, but also run a new process, kill a process or change its priority. In real time, Remote Process Explorer monitors the performance of a remote computer, shows what processes are running on it, how much CPU, memory and other system resources they use. It will show hidden processes, which will allow you to detect spyware and malware. The program has additional tools for shutting down/restarting/logging off a remote computer, sending messages to it, calling standard administrative tools. Remote Process Explorer is an advanced tool for administering remote computers.


GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique

Solution open-­source de gestion de parc informatique et de helpdesk, GLPI est une application Full Web pour gérer l’ensemble de vos problématiques de gestion de parc informatique : de la gestion de l’inventaire des composantes matérielles ou logicielles d’un parc informatique à la gestion de l’assistance aux utilisateurs.

OCS Inventory NG - Bienvenue sur le site d'OCS Inventory NG !

OCS Inventory NG en quelques mots : * Connaissez-vous tous les périphériques connectés à votre réseau informatique ? * Savez-vous quel logiciel ou composant matériel est installé sur un ordinateur ? * Etes-vous capable de déployer des logiciels ou des scripts de configuration sur vos ordinateurs ? Non ? Alors, Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation, la solution open source d'inventaire automatisé et de télédistribution, est faite pour vous !


NcFTP Client

NcFTP Client Home Page NcFTP Client (also known as just NcFTP) is a set of FREE application programs implementing the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The current version is: 3.2.0 (August 5, 2006). The program has been in service on UNIX systems since 1991 and is a popular alternative to the standard FTP program, /usr/bin/ftp. NcFTP offers many ease-of-use and performance enhancements over the stock ftp client, and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms as well as operating systems such Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. # NcFTP - FTP browser program # NcFTPGet - command-line utility program # NcFTPPut - command-line utility program # NcFTPLs - command-line utility program # NcFTPBatch - background FTP program for individual users # NcFTPSpooler - background batch FTP service for systems

RemoteShutdown - MATCODE Software

RemoteShutdown allows to remotely (over the network) shutdown and power off, restart or switch to standby mode any Windows NT/2000/XP Workstation or Server. In addition, you can specify a message which will be displayed before the computer will be shutdown and offer the user the option to cancel the shutdown.

Pandora FMS - the Free Monitoring System - Main

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# Pandora watches your systems and applications, and allows you to know the status of any element of those systems. Pandora could detect a network interface down, a defacement in your website, a memory leak in one of your server app, or the movement of any value of the NASDAQ new technology market. If you want, Pandora could send out SMS message when your systems fails... or when Google's value drop below US$ 33. # Pandora will adjust, like an octopus, to your systems and requirements, because has been designed to be open, modular, multiplattform and easy to customize and use, all integrated into a scalable and distributed architecture. # Pandora can also monitor any kind of TCP/IP service, without the need to install agents, and monitor network systems such as load balancers, routers, switches, operating systems, applications, or simply printers if you need. Pandora also supports SNMP for collecting data and for receiving traps. # A few examples of common resources monitored by Pandora could be processor load, disk and memory usage, running processes, log files, environmental factors such as temperature, or application values like strings contained in web pages or any possible way to collect data in an automatic way. Pandora FMS Features * Lightweigth agents. No need to install adicional software. * Also could use network to collect data on remote systems. * High availability for each component. * Escalable architecture: no liminitation on number of servers you can setup for the same enviroment. * Internal detection on Network Servers in case of failure, automatic takeover of secondary servers. * Stores all data for many weeks or months * Support for implementing redundant and distributed monitoring servers. * Data is stored in a relational database (MySQL). * Automatic database optimization for size, using interpolation and compression algorithms. * Integrated alert systems: send mails, execute scripts, send SMS, or simply write to syslog are a few examples. * Integrated graphical reporting system for any kind of collected data. * SNMP Trap reception with Realtime Console. * Granularity of accesses and user profiles for each group and each user. * Integrated internal auditing for any operation. * Alert filtering to avoid false positives. * Event system with user validation for operation in teams. * Integrated incident system with flows and different profiles. * Any collected value can be displayed as graph or data table. * Alerts can be triggered any kind of event, in many ways. * WebConsole on line HTML contextual help. * Integrated DB management: purge and DB compaction. * Mass configuration/alert manager to copy and distribute agent-module and/or agents/alerts setup to other agents. * Profiles could be personalized using up to eight security attributes without limitation on groups or profiles. * Filters for collected data to avoid bad data.

Look@LAN Network Monitor - Clubic

Look@LAN Network Monitor est qualifié par son éditeur d'"outil de monitoring le plus rapide au monde".

TCP Optimizer - Télécharger

TCP Optimizer est un programme, disposant d'une interface intuitive, destiné à la personnalisation et à l'optimisation de votre connexion Internet. Cette application trouve facilement les meilleures valeurs MTU et RWIN, et intègre les paramètres les plus fiables, optimisant la capacité de votre bande passante ainsi que la vitesse de chargement des pages Web.