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Fiberglass - The Standard of Wind Resistant Patio Umbrellas

Aluminum and Wood Construction in patio umbrellas have been around for years. But one of the most common problems with either have been breakage. Why? Like any rigid material, both aluminum and wood have a breaking point, a point where stress on the material causes it to fail. Most aluminum and wood umbrellas are strong enough to withstand most uses, even in windy situations. However, most of the wind resistance of standard construction patio umbrella comes from the design of the wind vent. The more air that can pass through an umbrella without altering it's shape of balance, the better an umbrella fairs.

Sunbrella Umbrellas | Sunbrella Patio Umbrellas |

A Sunbrella Umbrella is a patio umbrella made with Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella© is one of the absolute best outdoor fabrics available in the shade industry today. Lush colors, durability, and a soft hand are what set this fantastic fabric apart. Made from 100% solution dyed acrylic, these fabrics have been recommended by the Skin Care Foundation for it's UV protective properties.

Cleaning your Sunbrella Patio Umbrella

It's important to keep your Sunbrella fabrics clean and dirt free. Sunbrella fabrics are highly mildew resistant, however, dirt and mud are not. Most times, when you see mildew on an umbrella made with Sunbrella fabrics, it's because dirt and mud where allowed to get on the umbrella canopy, embedding into the fabric. As mud and dirt get wet and are exposed to the air, mildew grows on the particles. The fabric resists the mildew, but it still grows on the foreign particles. Follow these steps to keep your Sunbrella umbrella clean and mildew free.