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November 2008

Ponyfish RSS Feed Builder

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Ponyfish is a FREE web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page. All you have to do is simply point Ponyfish to the web page you want to create a feed from, then follow a few steps to setup which types of links you want to include in the feed.

May 2008

April 2008

How To Set Up A Debian Linux WebCam Server Using a USB Web Cam

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First and foremost, be prepared to have some patience when trying to get a USB cam to work under Linux. In trying to get mine to work, I searched many a newsgroup thread only to find there was only one message in the thread, the original question stating the problem. i.e. no one had an answer for the person who posted the question so you may be on your own trying to get your cam to work. Often times the same camera model will use different drivers for different sub-models (ex: not all QuickCam Express sub-models use the same driver). However, my trials and tribulations were a good learning experience and I'll share what I learned here to hopefully make your setup easier.

February 2008

RightScale: Setup and Manage 1 to 1000 Servers on AWS!

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RightScale's platform and expertise helps customers create scalable web applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

October 2007

Enhanced Logging With rsyslog On Debian Etch And phpLogcon For Viewing | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd supporting, among others, MySQL, syslog/tcp, RFC 3195, permitted sender lists, filtering on any message part, and fine grain output format control. It is quite compatible to stock sysklogd and can be used as a drop-in replacement. Its advanced features make it suitable for enterprise-class, encryption protected syslog relay chains while at the same time being very easy to setup for the novice user. An optional web interface - phpLogCon - can be used to visualize all data online."

April 2007

The Perfect Setup - Debian Etch (Debian 4.0) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

This tutorial shows how to set up a Debian Etch (Debian 4.0) based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters: Apache web server (SSL-capable), Postfix mail server with SMTP-AUTH and TLS, BIND DNS server, Proftpd FTP server, MySQL server, Courier POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc. This tutorial is written for the 32-bit version of Debian Etch, but should apply to the 64-bit version with very little modifications as well.

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