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October 2006

Playing with the new Validator API - W3C QA Weblog

A new release of the W3C Markup Validator is usually good news for Web designers: it means bug fixes, better documentation, more document types supported, and little usability improvements to make the life of HTML coders easier. The latest version of the validator, released this week, is also good news for developers, giving us a new toy to play with, and build upon.

April 2005

Validating an entire site - Standards-schmandards

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Recently I had a siutation where I wanted to validate a large collection of pages. A customer has a rather large site and more than 100 editors are invloved in content creation. Since it is possible to create invalid html in their CMS tool there is a need to check the site regularly. This code could also be the foundation for a continuous testing framework in a GUI development project