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flv streaming with lighttpd

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1.4.11 got a new module for streaming Flash movie files called mod_flv_streaming. This module allows you to seek in FLV files using the high performance infrastructure of lighttpd. The idea is simple and explained and implemented on ‘Streaming’ flv video via PHP, take two at But instead of streaming the file through PHP we do it in the webserver. The module expects a request for the URL which matches flv-streaming.extensions and can handle a ’?start=’ as part of the request. The information to pass into the ‘start’ parameter is extractly by the flash-player from the meta-data of the flv-files. The meta-data can be setup with flvtool2 Now I leave it to you to combine this with mod_secdownload to create a flv-streaming server for free with deep/hot linking protected movies. server.modules = ( ..., "mod_secdownload", ## optional "mod_flv_streaming", ... ) flv-streaming.extensions = ( ".flv" ) Take the flash-player from flashcomguru and adjust the URL in the player and try yourself.


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Flash Video Player for Web Embed video streams on your website. No other software makes this easier. Dowload Flowplayer

Flowplayer | Flash Video Player for the Web

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Un nouveau player flash très complet pour vos vidéos et mp3 qui gère les formats suivants : FLV, SWF, MP3, MP4, H.264 video, JPG and PNG. Pas mal d’options sont disponibles comme le choix des couleurs, la gestion d’une playlist, la possibilité de choisir les boutons de contrôle pour la vidéo, etc. De ce que j’ai testé, il est hautement configurable, avec beaucoup de variables et peut répondre à beaucoup d’attentes. Le site est plutôt bien fait avec une documentation détaillée pour l’installation et la configuration du player. Si vous souhaitez avoir un rapide aperçu, une page screenshots est disponible


Encoding video to FLV format - FlowPlayer

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Encoding video to FLV format This page provides some info about how to convert a video file into Macromedia's FLV format. FLV is a video file format with advanced capabilities including progressive download. FLV requires a Flash Player version 7 (or newer) to be installed in the client browser.


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FlowPlayer is a free Flash video player. You can easily embed it into HTML pages.

2006 FLV Player updated

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I have been working on a new version of FLV Player. The most important change is the ability to play On2 VP6 encoded FLV files. Other improvements include a resizable window and zoom 1x/2x buttons to allow for quick jumping to the FLV’s original size (after resizing FLV Player’s window, for example) and to look at your .flv file at 200% zoom. Version 1.3.2 and later also supports loading an FLV file or stream from either a regular webserver or an RTMP streaming server. - A community and resource on Flash Media Server: 'Streaming' flv video via PHP, take two

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'Streaming' flv video via PHP, take two Following a really interesting thread on the chattyfig Flashcomm list I have now been able to put together a simple video player which is capable of requesting and playing parts of a flv video file that have not previously been downloaded.

About - FlowPlayer

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This video works when you have Flash 7+ installed on your Web browser.

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Player FLV Voici un lecteur de fichier vidéo FLV. Pour que tout fonctionne, je crois qu’il faut au moins un FLV version 1.1, au pire l’indicateur de temps reste à zéro.