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XtraFile » XtraUpload v2

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Written in PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework, XtraUpload has all the features you would expect from a file Hosting Script. Free users as well as premium users have the ability to upload files but premium users get a lot more features such as viewing files, instantly downloading files and getting the URL’s of the files they have uploaded. You can also specify the file types, sizes along with many other options. Each user must provide a valid email address when they sign up for premium as the script automatically sends the username and password to them upon reception of payment through PayPal IPN. File Hosting websites brings in large revenues and is a very easy system to setup thanks to XtraUpload.

PHP File Upload Configuration

Though PHP presents a very versatile and user friendly interface for handling file uploads, the default installation is not geared for working with files in excess of 2 Mega Bytes. This article will help you configure your PHP engine for handling such large file transfers.

Monitoring File Uploads using Ajax and PHP - PHP articles and tutorials, MySQL, PostgreSQL

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Because of the limitations of HTTP, it is difficult to monitor the status of files as they are uploaded via HTML forms. While other programming languages have built-in methods to monitor file uploads, PHP does not. This article shows how to implement such a solution in PHP. In order to achieve this, the APC (Alternative PHP Cache) PHP extension is required, as well as PHP 5. Specifically, APC 3.0.13 or newer and PHP 5.2 or newer are required for the code in this article to work. We will cover installation of APC in the next section. It is assumed you already have a working PHP 5.2 installation.


blogrium » Blog Archive » Accept email in your apps with Mailhook

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blogrium » Blog Archive » Accept email in your apps with Mailhook


AJAX Uploader from Steven Miles

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AJAX File Uploader is a interacive file uploading script based on Perl, PHP and AJAX, that will allow you to upload files to your server much easier. Modeled after Safari's Downloads dialog it allows you queue up multile files for upload even while another file is currently being uploaded. You can customise the look of the uploader by simply changeing the css file to suit your application.

CakeTimer - Demo Page | An Ajax file uploads progress bar

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This is a demonstration of an AJAX powered progressbar to monitor file uploads with (Cake)PHP.

w2box - Web 2.0 File Repository for PHP |

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This is a simple php script which allow you to upload and download files. There isn't any complex user management because it aims more for private file repository use. It as direct file deletion using AJAX, instant table sort using a self modified version of sorttable.js and finally upload file progressbar using a cgi(perl) script. If you want to know more about those technologies, go to more information section.

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