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NAS Uploader, accueil upload multifichiers en flash et/ou Ajax - multiple file uploader

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NAS Uploader est une solution open source d'upload multifichiers utilisant la technologie Flash et adaptable à toute plateforme web. Cette application est née du constat qu'il était difficile de trouver sur le web un système d'upload multifichiers simple à mettre en place, fiable et compatible avec la majorité des navigateurs.

Panda - Open source video platform

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Panda is an open source solution for video uploading, encoding and streaming. Unlike other video platforms, Panda is not just a service for encoding your videos for the web; Panda handles the whole process. From the upload form to streaming, Panda takes control. By providing an elegant REST API, Panda makes it completely painless to implement full video uploading, encoding and streaming functionality to your web application in a matter of hours. * Runs completely within Amazon's Web Services utilising EC2, S3 and SimpleDB. * Everything contained within one elegant Merb application. * Support for the numerous encoding profiles FFmpeg supports including FLV, h264 for Flash a iPhone formats. * Panda gem for painless integration with Ruby on Rails and Merb. * Lovely little admin dashboard for managing your videos.



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