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WordPress instant upgrade | WordPress tuto

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Le plugin InstantUpgrade télécharge la dernière version de WordPress sur les serveurs de WordPress, dézippe le fichier obtenu sur votre serveur. Ensuite il détruit tous vos fichiers WordPress (sauf ceux contenus dans wp-content/ et wp-config.php et il conserve aussi les pack langage) et place les nouveaux fichier dans votre répertoire WordPress. A la fin, il lance les scripts de mise à jour contenu dans la nouvelle version.

Automated security updates in Debian « N0T a Blog

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Subscribing to the security mailing lists is a must for every sysadmin, but who has the stamina and the determination to actually read them, and then analyze the impact of both the threat and the proposed fix? A more casual user with no life-or-death-critical servers would happily settle for a solution that would download and install the security patches automatically. As always in Linux, there is more than one way of achieving this.


Mise à jour : VMware Server 1.0.2 sur Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft - Taltan.Blog.Bkp

Mise à jour : VMware Server 1.0.2 sur Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft - Taltan.Blog.Bkp


Rewarding 304s (Faster Feed Refreshing) : FeedLounge

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If a feed serves up 304 Not Modified HTTP response when there is nothing new (saving bandwidth on both ends and processing time for FeedLounge), FeedLounge could reward the subscribers of that feed by updating that feed more often.

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