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system_daemon - Trac

System_Daemon is a PHP class that allows developers to easily create daemons with simple syntax like:

cleverbox - - Open Source Software - Trac

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The cleverbox provides an interactive command line shell dedicated to the deployment and maintenance of trac and subversion instances. It can handle multiple configuration profiles, enabling the deployment of differently flavored type of project (trac configuration and permissions, apache configuration templates, etc). Project's main objective is to make your life as simple as possible. Thus, it comes with easy installation, easy upgrades and a comprehensive documentation.

Redmine - RedmineMigrate - Redmine

Trac The Trac importer migrates: * Users * Components * Milestones * Tickets * Ticket comments and changes (status and resolution) * Trac specific fields (eg. Resolution) are added as custom fields in Redmine * Ticket files and custom fields * Wiki pages with history

TimingAndEstimationPlugin - Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. - Trac

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This is a plugin that adds (aspires to add) estimation and time tracking to Trac. This basically adds CustomFields and CustomReports and an interface for filling the dynamic variables for the report. (requires javascript).


Virtual Planner - Trac

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The Virtual planning board is a web application that allows you to tie in visual project planning with your existing Trac tickets - across a range of projects (where each project has a seperate svn repository and associated trac instance). It allows you to assign tickets to a particular week and therefore plan your workflow for a given period. Soon you'll be able to do simple project estimation with a 'developer hours' feature that compares available hours to the estimated times on the tickets

developpement:installer_subversion_et_trac [Wiki.UnElectronLibre.Info]

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Ce tutoriel explique comment installer le gestionnaire de révisions et de source Subversion (svn) et Trac, un ensemble d’applications associés à SVN contenant un wiki, un collecteur de bugs, etc.

Linbox Rescue Server - Trac

Le Linbox Rescue Server est un logiciel de gestion de parc informatique. Le LRS comprends 5 modules : * control panel (intégré à webmin), * sauvegarde système pour la restauration d'urgence d'un système, le déploiement sur un parc, le clonage de disque dur, via un boot PXE. Ce module a été entièrement développé par Linbox FAS. * sauvegarde données basé sur le fameux BackupPC auquel nous avons notamment ajouté une interface web de configuration, * inventaire basé sur l'agent d'inventaire OCS Inventory, et sur un agent lancé au moment du boot réseau PXE. * Déploiement d'applications à distance (via un service ou démon sshd fonctionnant sur chaque client), * prise en main à distance basé sur TightVNC.


Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. - Trac

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TracHacks uses the excellent TagsPlugin, which adds basic categorisation to Trac. All hacks are tagged with one or more of the available tags.