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Web Site Optimization: 13 Simple Steps [Apache & IIS Configuration]

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This tutorial takes a practical, example-based approach to implementing those rules. It's targeted towards web developers with a small budget, who are most likely using shared hosting, and working under the various restrictions that come with such a setup. Shared hosts make it harder to play with Apache configuration -- sometimes it's even impossible -- so we'll take a look at what you can do, given certain common restrictions, and assuming your host runs PHP and Apache.

How To: Optimize Your CSS Even More -

Over the summer I wrote a post called 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Site that went through some basic tips for getting your site to load faster. I mentioned enabling gzip compression in WordPress and using services that remove the whitespace from your CSS, effectively “compressing” it. Now, I’ll go a bit more in-depth with a simple, yet powerful, PHP method of compressing your CSS.

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