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December 2008

Server2Go - Self configurable WAMPP Stack

Server2Go is a Webserver that runs out of the box without any installation and on write protected media. This means that web applications based on Server2Go can be used directly from cdrom, a usb stick or from any folder on a hard disk without the hassle of configuring Apache, PHP or MySQL. Server2Go allows you to create a standalone working web site or PHP application on a CD-ROM. There are many examples of its possible useses such as catalogue software, calculation programmes, image campaigns (CMS-based), computer based training lessons or other applicatons. Most PHP-Software such as the content management system Joomla or the computer based training software Moodle can be used from CD-ROM with the help of Server2Go. Server2Go was developed in the first instance for use on CD-ROM but there is no problem in using it from other drives too. Using a web browser, a user can run php programs as well as view html files on the CD-ROM. He only needs to insert a CD with Server2Go. The server software starts automatically and a browser is opened with the Website of the CD-ROM. Server2Go was built in the first place to replace other CD-ROM webservers such as WampOnCD or Microweb that lacked some important features or are not being actively developed. Main Features * Free! No royalties * Complete WAMPP Server-Stack * Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Hard disk without installation * Full featured webserver (based on apache) * PHP 5.x support with many extensions installed (e.g. gd) * Supports SQLite databases * Runs on all versions of Windows from Win 98 and above, MAC OSX support is coming * Support for MySQL 5 Databases * Supports many PHP extensions (GD-Lib, PDO...) by default * Support for Perl 5.8

August 2008

XBMC Media Center // Home //

XBMC [1] signifiait anciennement XBox Media Center mais depuis la sortie de ‘Atlantis’ [2], nom de code donné à sa dernière mouture actuellement en Beta, cela n'est plus vrai. En effet, XBMC devient multi-plateforme et son acronyme devient récursif (XBMC Media Center). XBMC est pour ceux qui ne l'aurait pas encore remarqué un centre multimédia initialement conçu pour ne fonctionner que sur la console de jeux de Microsoft : la Xbox de première génération. Cependant, les utilisateurs souhaitaient pouvoir utiliser leur fabuleux centre multimédia sur d'autres plateformes et donc un gros travail de portage a été lancé. Ce travail abouti maintenant avec une première version Beta disponible d'hors et déjà sur les différentes plateformes concernées [3]. Vous trouverez donc une version "live" à mettre sur CD-ROM ou clé USB, une version Window XP/Vista, une version MacOS X et bien sûre une version pour GNU/Linux. XBMC est toujours disponible pour sa plateforme de prédilection et ne compte pas l'abandonner mais pour des raisons de légalité, il est impossible de fournir le binaire créé à l'aide du kit de développement de la Xbox délivré par Microsoft. Il faut alors acquérir ce kit (de manière plus ou moins légale) et compiler soit même le binaire pour la version Xbox. Au niveau des fonctionnalités, on peut déjà dire que XBMC se base sur de nombreux projets libres pour accomplir ses tâches. Par exemple, MPlayer pour la lecture de nombreux formats audios et vidéos, FFmpeg pour la lecture des DVD, Filezilla pour l'accès FTP, Samba pour le partage de fichiers, etc... Un listing complet des fonctionnalités est disponible en [4]. Vous n'avez donc plus aucune raison pour tester et profiter de ce fabuleux logiciels ;) [1] [2] [3] [4]

February 2008

Globule: the Open-Source Content Distribution Network

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Globule is a third-party module for the Apache Web server that allows a given server to replicate its documents to other Globule servers. It takes care of maintaining consistency between the replicas, of monitoring the servers, and of automatically redirecting clients to one of the available replicas. Globule also supports the replication of PHP documents. It runs on Unix and Windows systems.

January 2008

Howto Install Windows XP / Vista on Xen

This short guide describes how to install Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server on Xen. It provides an overview of the Debian Linux Etch installation, and detailed steps for installing and configuring Xen and starting the Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server installation.

November 2007

ssh on multiple servers Using cluster ssh -- Debian Admin

Ever had to make the same change on more than one Linux/unix server? Find it annoyingly painful to keep repeating the exact same commands again and again and again? This tool addresses exactly this problem. You run a utility (cssh) providing a number of server names as parameters, and then xterms opens up to each server with an extra “console” window. Anything typed into the console is replicated into each server window (so, for examples, you can edit the same file on N machines at the same time, or run the same commands with the same parameters across those servers). It is also possible to type into the server windows directly, or temporarily disable replication to one or more of the servers through the “Hosts” menu.

March 2007

January 2007

Running Windows as a VM on Linux with VMware Server

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What if there was a way to publish an application on the Linux desktop via a remote connection protocol like Remote Desktop Protocol? I know that this sounds an awful lot like Citrix and, in fact, what I am proposing is similar. However, Citrix is expensive and seems to be overkill for just a few network/security administrators' laptops or desktops. This recipe consists of a laptop/desktop running Linux in a GUI with VMware Server, a Windows XP VM and a product called 2X Application Server for Windows Terminal Services. Once you are done, you will have a Windows XP VM running as a service and loaded with any applications that you may need.

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