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jQuery Tutorials for Designers

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Here are 10 visual exmples to demonstrate on how to use jQuery to enchance user experience and semantic web design (view original jQuery Tutorials).

IPerf: des exemples…

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Pour rappel, IPerf est un logiciel client/serveur, il faut donc deux machines positionner aux deux extremités du réseau à tester pour fonctionner (pour l’installation et une rapide introduction, vous pouvez consulter ce billet). Dans les exemples ci-dessous, nous allons considérer que nous allons utiliser deux machines nommées C (avec comme adresse IP: IPC) et S (avec comme adresse IP: IPS).



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Des applications XUL tout simplement époustoupataflantes !



JavaScript : This is the larger part of my former JavaScript Section. It contains more than 60 JavaScript pages that explain useful scripts or other functionality. W3C DOM : This section contains all my W3C DOM scripts and the great compatibility tables. CSS : This section contains all my CSS test pages. They mostly treat CSS2, but I snuck some 1 and 3 in. It is not a complete overview of CSS, and I'm not planning to make it one either. The first thing you see is a compatibility table. Viewport : This section will eventually contain my research into the viewport and its relations to the HTML/CSS and the JavaScript document. For now it only contains a few tests and the inevitable compatibility table. Browsers : Ubiquitous browsers, extremely obscure browsers, and everything in between.

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