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Synchronisation de deux répertoires avec rsync

Rsync est un utilitaire présent sur tout les systèmes Unix (de Linux à FreeBSD en passant par Mac OS X et même sous Windows en passant par Cygwin) et ayant pour but la synchronisation de fichiers/répertoires. Cette synchronisation peut se faire soit de manière locale (par exemple deux répertoire d’un même disque) soit par le réseau (via le protocole SSH). :: Parallel SSH execution and a single shell to control them all

Many people use SSH to log in to remote machines, copy files around, and perform general system administration. If you want to increase your productivity with SSH, you can try a tool that lets you run commands on more than one remote machine at the same time. Parallel ssh, Cluster SSH, and ClusterIt let you specify commands in a single terminal window and send them to a collection of remote machines where they can be executed. Why you would need a utility like this when, using openSSH, you can create a file containing your commands and use a bash for loop to run it on a list of remote hosts, one at a time? One advantage of a parallel SSH utility is that commands can be run on several hosts at the same time. For a short-running task this might not matter much, but if a task needs an hour to complete and you need to run it on 20 hosts, parallel execution beats serial by a mile. Also, if you want to interactively edit the same file on multiple machines, it might be quicker to use a parallel SSH utility and edit the file on all nodes with vi rather than concoct a script to do the same edit. Many of these parallel SSH tools include support for copying to many hosts at once (a parallel version of scp) or using rsync on a collection of hosts at once. Because the parallel SSH implementations know about all the hosts in a group, some of them also offer the ability to execute a command "on one host" and will work out which host to pick using load balancing. Finally, some parallel SSH projects let you use barriers so that you can execute a collection of commands and explicitly have each node in the group wait until all the nodes have completed a stage before moving on to the next stage of processing.


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rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems. Using rsync and hard links, it is possible to keep multiple, full backups instantly available. The disk space required is just a little more than the space of one full backup, plus incrementals. Depending on your configuration, it is quite possible to set up in just a few minutes. Files can be restored by the users who own them, without the root user getting involved. There are no tapes to change, so once it's set up, your backups can happen automatically untouched by human hands. And because rsnapshot only keeps a fixed (but configurable) number of snapshots, the amount of disk space used will not continuously grow.

Virtualize a Server with Minimal Downtime

When it's time to convert a physical machine to a virtual one, use these steps to make the move safely and with a small maintenance window.

Sauvegarde de postes Windows XP Quick’n’Dirty » UNIX Garden

A ce jour, il existe plusieurs solutions de synchronisation de données sous Linux. Les plus connues demeurent certainement Rsync ainsi qu’Unison. Leur fonctionnement est possible sur une plateforme Windows lorsque utilisées avec Cygwin, un environnement « Linux-like » pour Windows. Ces méthodes de sauvegardes sont fréquemment utilisées sous Windows, mais restent cependant, à mon goût, lourdes à mettre en place. Je me suis donc penché sur un outil de mirroring appelé « Mirrodir » très simple d’utilisation. Combiné à une mise en route des machines par wake on lan et une extinction de ces dernières via un accès ssh. Vous serez en mesure de mettre en place très rapidement une solution de sauvegarde efficace de vos postes Windows2000 ou Windows XP. Cet article sera aussi l’occasion de présenter OpenSSH pour Windows, une alternative à l’installation complète de Cygwin, que je trouve personnellement plus simple à installer et à configurer, bien que moins complète.

Serveur de sauvegardes incrémentales » UNIX Garden

Retrouvez cet article dans : Linux Pratique 32 Dans cet article, nous allons vous apprendre comment mettre en place un serveur de sauvegardes incrémentales pour les données d'un petit réseau hétérogène.


funambol :: product :: overview

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Funambol provides open source push email, PIM sync and device management software to mobile carriers, service providers and OEMs around the world. Backup Monitor

RSYNC Backup front-end with Web Interface, email reports with attached summary. Simple to use; back up servers with a single line, or your entire server farm from a single machine. Custom email tags sort responses in your MUA. Supports authentication.


WiKiM3mo - rsync

Sauvegarder ses données avec rscync/ssh


Linox.BE » Blog Archive » Backup remote server with rsync

Backup a data server from a backup server using rsync. Automate the backup to have a daily backup and purge the number of backups. Oh yes, this is “How I did it” on a Debian data server

Using Rsync and SSH

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Synchronisation via rsync et au travers d'une connexion ssh

RIBS is an incremental backup system written in PHP which utilizes some common *nix programs (specifically rsync, ssh and cp). Incremental backups mean frequent backups can be done (i.e. hourly) with only around 2x the space of the full backup. Using rsync means that RIBS can act as both a backup script on a local machine, or as a script to backup several network hosts. It is designed to be highly configurable and highly informative to the system administrator. There is a high amount of error checking, and logging/email capabilities.

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