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CSS Text Wrapper

The CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle. You can make text wrap around curves, zig-zags, or whatever you want. All you have to do is draw the left and right edges below and then copy the generated code to your website

PrettyPhoto - a jQuery Lightbox clone

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PrettyPhoto - a jQuery Lightbox clone July 13th, 2008 in Javascript | Tags: Gallery, jQuery | No Responses A new version 2.1 of prettyPhoto released. Descriptions/Titles now support html code. Usage is simple, just include the jQuery library, prettyPhoto javascript and the prettyPhoto CSS file and add rel=”prettyPhoto” to any picture you want to activate the prettyPhoto feature. If you want the images to be a part of a gallery, just add the gallery name in braket. Tested and working in Firefox 2-3 (Mac/PC), Safari 3.1.1 (Mac), IE 6-7. Uncompressed version - script: 16kb / CSS: 8kb, compressed size - script: 8kb / CSS: 3.8kb.



Dynamic thumbnails and preview images with DOM, CSS and PHP

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Sometimes we want to offer a visitor a preview of what is lurking behind a link, especially when it is a huge picture and there might not be a need to load it. This is where thumbnails come in handy, and it is pretty easy to use CSS to show and hide a thumbnail in modern browsers

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