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November 2008

Create a Photo Admin Site Using PHP and jQuery - NETTUTS

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I'm pleased to present you with part one of a two part series on creating a photo site using PHP, jQuery, and AJAX. Originally, I intended to fit the entire tutorial into one screencast, but that quickly became a pipe dream as I realized that there was simply too much to cover. Nevertheless, even if you only watch this first video, you should learn a great deal. We'll be retrieving images from a database, creating a simple login form with authentication, and will then allow for our database to be asynchronously updated. Sounds good? If so, let's get into it.

October 2007

Artisan Numérique » Débarasser drupal du SPAM sans captchas

Les spams sont une véritable infection, ce n'est un secret pour personne. Et les solutions pour lutter contre ce fléau sont aussi nombreuses que moyennement satisfaisantes. Il peut s'agir de déléguer ce travail à un service dédié (ex. akismet), de les traiter à la main (ne riez pas, je l'ai fait pendant un temps Wink ) ou encore d'utiliser les fameux captchas, ces images illisibles qui sont d'une utilisation extrêmement désagréables pour les contributeurs. Ce que je vous propose ici c'est une implémentation avec Drupal qui n'a rien de révolutionnaire tout en étant très efficace. L'idée étant de vérifier que les commentaires (et tous les formulaires en fait) sont en toute probabilité écrits par un humain.

June 2007

Tuning LAMP systems, Part 2: Optimizing Apache and PHP

Applications using the LAMP (Linux®, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) architecture are constantly being developed and deployed. But often the server administrator has little control over the application itself because it's written by someone else. This series of three articles discusses many of the server configuration items that can make or break an application's performance. This second article focuses on steps you can take to optimize Apache and PHP. Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (or Perl) form the basis of the LAMP architecture for Web applications. Many open source packages based on LAMP components are available to solve a variety of problems. As the load on an application increases, the bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure become more apparent in the form of slow response to user requests. The previous article showed you how to tune the Linux system and covered the basics of LAMP and performance measurement. This article focuses on the Web server components, Apache and PHP.

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