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October 2008

Creating a Virtual Keyboard with jQuery

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Virtual jQuery Keyboard - Learn how to create a simple virtual keyboard with jQuery and provide your users with the option of using a virtual keyboard to key in their passwords and prevent keyloggers and other malicious software to track and record their passwords.

April 2008

Password Strength Meter, indiquez la complexité des mots de passe

jQuery Password Strength Meter va afficher sous vos champs de saisie pour mot de passe, un indicateur de complexité qui évolue au fur et à mesure de la frappe. Pas forcement super utile mais bien sympa pour l'utilisateur

August 2007

Password Strength Meter (a jquery plugin) « Phiras’s Blog

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Password Strength Meter is a jQuery plug-in provide you smart algorithm to detect a password strength. The Password strength procedure is working as the follow: We have many cases to care about to know a password strength , so we will present a global variable score , and each case will add some points to score. At the end of the algorithm we will decide the password strength according to the score value.

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