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December 2008

CMON is a daemon that aggregates information from MySQL Cluster that earlier was only accessible from the cluster log or the management client, such as: * cluster state * node state * backup statistics * statistics * cluster events (cluster log basically) .. and let's you access the information using SQL, because CMON logs the information into ordinary MYISAM tables! So, it is really easy to use! In the package you also get get php scripts that you can put on your webserver to generate graphs and get a www interface to CMON. CMON can also start ndbd nodes and make decisions on how they should be started (with or without --initial). CMON starts as a daemon and will automatically create cmon database and install the necessary tables automatically.

October 2008

Preventing MySQL Injection Attacks With GreenSQL On Debian Etch | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

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GreenSQL (or greensql-fw) is a firewall for MySQL databases that filters SQL injection attacks. It works as a reverse proxy, i.e., it takes the SQL queries, checks them, passes them on to the MySQL database and delivers back the result from the MySQL database. It comes with a web interface (called greensql-console) so that you can manage GreenSQL through a web browser. This guide shows how you can install GreenSQL and its web interface on a Debian Etch server.

May 2008 : portail PHP et MySQL - MySQL Replication Manager

MySQL Replication Manager est une interface Web pour surveiller une architecture maître esclave. Elle permet simplement de lancer le maître et l'esclave, de gérer les logs et de surveiller l'état de fonctionnement. Il vous faut bien sûr les droits d'administration.

April 2008

scalr - Google Code

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Scalr is a fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment utilizing Amazon's EC2. It allows you to create server farms through a web-based interface using prebuilt AMI's for load balancers (pound or nginx), app servers (apache, others), databases (mysql master-slave, others), and a generic AMI to build on top of. The health of the farm is continuously monitored and maintained. When the Load Average on a type of node goes above a configurable threshold a new node is inserted into the farm to spread the load and the cluster is reconfigured. When a node crashes a new machine of that type is inserted into the farm to replace it. 4 AMI's are provided for load balancers, mysql databases, application servers, and a generic base image to customize. Scalr allows you to further customize each image, bundle the image and use that for future nodes that are inserted into the farm. You can make changes to one machine and use that for a specific type of node. New machines of this type will be brought online to meet current levels and the old machines are terminated one by one. The project is still very young, but we're hoping that by open sourcing it the AWS development community can turn this into a robust hosting platform and give users an alternative to the current fee based services available.

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