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September 2008

A Primer for OpenID with PHP | | The AOL Developer Network

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OpenID is another one of those "cool technologies you've never heard of" type of deals. OpenID is an open source initiative that provides a way for Web users to register their identity in one place and then use that identity anywhere on the Web that supports OpenID. This means that, as a user, you don't have to keep creating (and remembering) new user names and passwords at every site you visit. And, as a service provider, you can identify and authenticate users that show up at your site without having to do all of the user management involved in giving them access. The list of services that support OpenID is growing, but not as fast as it should be given how cool and useful OpenID is. Hopefully, this article will help with that. The idea behind OpenID is fairly simple: a Web user can get an ID from an OpenID provider and use that ID to access any Web application or service that supports OpenID.

April 2008 » Collection of Web Developer Tools, per Browser

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With so many browser out there in the wild, working as a Web Developer certainly is not an easy job these days. Thankfully, over the last years, decent tools have been developed by bright people that make developing and debugging of code easier for the developer. But sometimes, it is not easy to keep track which tools are at a Developer’s disposal (and which are actually usable). The following article seeks to list the best tools available and quickly describing how to activate/install/use them.

January 2008 » jdMenu Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery

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The jdMenu plugin for jQuery provides a clean, simple and elegant solution for creating hierarchical drop down menus for websites to web applications. View the feature list below to see if jdMenu is the solution for you.

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