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About Opsview |

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Opsview is enterprise network and application monitoring software designed for scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Opsview has been in development since 2003 and is released under the GNU GPL license. Current version is 2.12. Opsview is a fully integrated monitoring tool that incorporates popular Open Source software including Nagios, Net-SNMP and RRDtool. The Catalyst web framework provides an extensible monitoring and configuration user interface. Opsview software is supported on Linux (Debian, CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu) and Solaris 10. It will monitor all common operating systems including Windows. Opsview extends the capabilities of Nagios in the following ways: * Distributed monitoring with high availability and fail-over * Much improved SNMP support with trap processing with rules engine * API supporting automation of Opsview configuration * Data warehouse for storage of historical performance and event data * Opsview Reports customisable reporting * Powerful configuration and management UI * Extended monitoring UI * Extensible architecture based on Catalyst Web Framework and Altinity middleware software


Monitoring Network Latency With Smokeping (Debian Etch) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

This guide shows how to install and configure Smokeping on Debian Etch to monitor network latency. From the Smokeping web site: "SmokePing is a deluxe latency measurement tool. It can measure, store and display latency, latency distribution and packet loss. SmokePing uses RRDtool to maintain a longterm data-store and to draw pretty graphs, giving up to the minute information on the state of each network connection."

How-To: Monitor your servers with SNMP and Cacti

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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for managing networks. Each managed entity in the network will run an snmp server (snmpd) which is going to collect datas from the server such as networking, load, cpu ... Cacti on the other hand is a frontend to the RRDTool with SNMP support. It collects and keep data in a MySQL database and display them through a PHP web frontend.


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Lapsus is a set of programs created to help manage additional laptop features. It currently supports most features provided by asus-laptop kernel module from ACPI4Asus project, such as additional LEDs, hotkeys, backlight control etc. It also has experimental support for IBM laptops features provided by IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras Driver. It consist of a daemon program monitoring ACPI events, reading/writing system files created by either asus-laptop or ibm-acpi module and run commands that need privileged access. The daemon can be controlled over DBus using the client program, or any other programs which has support for that, or can be customized to do so. It can also be controlled with dbus-send utility.

Nagios 2.5 and Oreon 1.3 (Nagios web frontend) installation in Debian with Screenshots

Nagios 2.5 and Oreon 1.3 (Nagios web frontend) installation in Debian with Screenshots


VMWare and Xen Management with BixData | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

BixData is a system, application, and network monitoring tool which allows you to easily monitor nearly every aspect of your servers. The newly released version 2.6 is the only application that has the ability to control both Xen and VMWare virtual machines. You can control both VM Hosts (the computer that's running the VM software) and VM Guests (the virtual machines running on the hosts).

DLFP: Sortie de la solution Os-Café 0.9

OS-Cafe est une solution complète de gestion d’un cybercafé sous Linux (Kubuntu Dapper Drake). Il a été développé et intégré, cet été, à l’OpenSource Café de Lyon. Il comprend un ensemble de logiciels pré-configurés et optimisés tels que : * le logiciel Nodeview (gestion de comptes, tickets, utilisant une base berkeleyDB) * le logiciel Openkiosk (environnement coté client) * le logiciel Bigsister (outil de monitoring réseau via interface web) * un framework complet afin de simplifier l’installation/administration des machines (voir ci dessous). * un portail captif Wi-Fi complet permettant une surveillance poussée des connexions.

Installing Zenoss Network Monitor on a Ubuntu Server | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

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This tutorial shows how to install and configure the Zenoss network monitoring tool on a Ubuntu 6.06 system. Zenoss is a free open-source tool that allows you to monitor servers, applications, networks, power, etc. regarding their configuration, availability, performance, and so on. It can also alert you by email if it finds inappropriate actions.


About Big Sister

Big Sister does for you: * monitor networked systems * provide a simple real-time view of the current network status * notify you when your systems are becoming critical * generate a history of status changes * log and display a variety of system performance data

QOS on SourceForge

QOS supports monitoring several standard system parameters and network services, including: * Cpu * Disk * Memory * DNS * Mail & file queues * DiskSuite * Oracle Tablespaces * Processes * Snmp * Tcp * Web * SSL Web/HTTPS * or your own command to monitor whatever!

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