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July 2008

April 2008

Passez à GNU/Linux !

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GNU/Linux, ou simplement Linux, est une alternative à Microsoft Windows. Il est facile à utiliser et donne plus de liberté aux utilisateurs. N'importe qui peut l'installer : Linux est libre et souvent gratuit.

February 2008

Xen Live Migration with iSCSI

This is a document about how to set up XEN and iSCSI on 3 Debian Stable (3.1 / Sarge) machines so that you can have a virtual host that can be migrated live between 2 of the machines. The third machine will be the common disk for the virtual machine that is seen via the 2 machines running XEN. I have assumed you have some knowledge of Linux specifically Debian, but not limited to. You may need to solve some dependencies that I have left out by yourself. I can't think of everything, and I didn't start with completely empty machines.