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simpleCart(js) PayPal = E-commerce in minutes | The Wojo Group

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SimplaCart (js) est un script très léger (10,5 Kb) qui permet d’ajouter la fonction “achat en ligne” en quelques lignes de codes. Il utilise les cookies pour garder les références des articles dans le panier d’achat. SimplaCart (js) n’exige pas de bases de données ou de connaissance élevé en programmation : vous devez simplement être a l’aise avec l’HTML de base et avoir de bons reflexes pour “copier/coller”!

FatFreeCart - Free shopping cart for Google Checkout and PayPal

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FatFreeCart is a free shopping cart developed by the team behind E-junkie shopping cart. Get Google CheckoutIt works inside your website, your blog and will even work from your MySpace page. It is simply a copy-paste cart and does not require you to register with us or install anything. It works with PayPal and Google Checkout. Get PayPalIt supports product variations, shipping, handling and sales tax. If you are already using PayPal shopping cart, you will find the button code is similar. On top of being certified by PayPal and Google, it has been successfully tested on humans and they absolutely love it (which means higher conversion rates for you). FatFreeCart is also the only serious cart with a somewhat funny name.

Apprendre et comprendre jQuery - 1/3 - Babylon-Design - Tutoriaux WebDesign : Adobe Photoshop, XHTML/CSS, Accessibilité

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Introduction rapide et en douceur à l'utilisation d’une des bibliothèques JS à la mode. Ou comment ajouter une couche d’interactions simplement et proprement à vos pages. NB : ce billet sera divisé en trois parties.


Combo Boxes

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The combo box can use any type of as it's data source. This means your data can be XML, JSON, arrays or any other supported format. It can be loaded using Ajax, script tags or be local. This combo uses local data from a JS array.

Ext FileTree Widget Example by Saki

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FileTreePanel is client-server application where client (browser) provides the user interface (UI) which displays the tree and context menu, handles drag & drop operations, etc. The filesystem that is displayed and managed by the UI is stored on a server. Therefore, we need some communication layer between client and server. Client sends a command to server, server processes this command and responds with a result. Client in turn processes the response and display results. All this communication is running in the background by Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) calls. The XMLHttpRequest is not used directly but the Ext JS - JavaScript Library ajax layer is used for this purpose. Client requests data from server with standard POST method and server is expected to respond with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) string and appropriate HTTP headers.

Highslide JS - JavaScript thumbnail viewer

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Highslide JS is a piece of JavaScript that streamlines the use of thumbnail images on web pages. The library offers these features and advantages: * No plugins like Flash or Java required. * Popup blockers are no problem. The images expand within the active browser window. * Single click. After expanding the image, the user can scroll further down or leave the page without restoring the image. * The approach uses two separate images. No heavy full-size image packed into thumbnail display size! The full-size image is loaded in the background either on page load or when the user clicks the thumb. You specify this option in the script's settings. * Compatibility and safe fallback. If the user has disabled JavaScript or the JavaScript fails in any way, the browser redirects directly to the image itself. This fallback is able to cope with most exceptions and incompatibilities.



Scroll Div Content with Graphical Scrollbars Using DHTML

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The scrolling layers code supports the following features: * Scrolling onmouseover and/or with a gliding motion onclick. * Scrolling vertically, horizontally, or at any other angle. * Scrollbars, which can be set up using the graphics of your choice. * Scrolling multiple content areas in a document. * Swapping new layers into the scroll areas. * Absolute or relative positioning of the scrolling layers, even in tables.

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