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Free Open Source Thin Client Solution - OpenThinClient : home

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OpenThinClient is a Free Open Source ThinClient Solution consisting of a Linux based operating system along with a comprehensive Java based management GUI and server component. It is intended for environments where a medium to large number of Thin Clients must be supported and managed efficiently. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary Thin Client Solutions, openThinClient empowers developers and integrators to create advanced Thin Client solutions... for free. openThinClient is released as an open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2external link, and it is available for download free of charge. openThinClient was created by the levigo groupexternal link based on their thin client expertise reaching back till 1999.


Talkonaut™ is freely available, voice capable, Google Talk™ like application for your mobile phone. Talkonaut works on a large scale of mobile phones with Java (J2ME) support, including Windows Mobile and Palm handsets. Talkonaut™ supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks for chatting and Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo for voice calls.


Highslide JS - JavaScript thumbnail viewer

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Highslide JS is a piece of JavaScript that streamlines the use of thumbnail images on web pages. The library offers these features and advantages: * No plugins like Flash or Java required. * Popup blockers are no problem. The images expand within the active browser window. * Single click. After expanding the image, the user can scroll further down or leave the page without restoring the image. * The approach uses two separate images. No heavy full-size image packed into thumbnail display size! The full-size image is loaded in the background either on page load or when the user clicks the thumb. You specify this option in the script's settings. * Compatibility and safe fallback. If the user has disabled JavaScript or the JavaScript fails in any way, the browser redirects directly to the image itself. This fallback is able to cope with most exceptions and incompatibilities.

Le Weblog de Frederic Bezies » Blog Archive » Installer Java 6.0 sur une Ubuntu Edgy

Le Weblog de Frederic Bezies » Blog Archive » Installer Java 6.0 sur une Ubuntu Edgy


Cheat Sheets

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cheat sheets (also known as reference cards) that you can print out and keep by your computer. There is a cheat sheet for just about anything and we aim to have the best coverage of cheat sheets available on the web.


MediaFrame (, open streaming media

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MediaFrame is an Open Source streaming media platform in Java™ which provides a fast, easy to implement and extremely small applet that enables over 97% of web users to view your audio/video content without having to rely on external player applications or bulky plug-ins. MediaFrame does not require special servers, software or programming knowledge

Linox.BE » Blog Archive » Install Tomcat 4 on Debian using a self created Sun Java package

First we have to create a Sun Java package, follow my post Installing Sun’s Java on Debian Sarge using self-created .deb packages for this. Of course, install this Sun Java package.

Un web service SOAP pour la brique RCX

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En mettant à la portée de tous mon expérience personnelle dans la création de clients SOAP, j'ai voulu permettre à tout développeur de pouvoir exploiter un service web SOAP. Vous avez donc accès à des examples de clients SOAP en Java, PHP (NuSoap), Perl (SOAP::Lite) et Python (SOAPpy et ZSI) pour un Java WSDP web service (document/literal), et aussi à différentes sections démontrant l'interopérabilité entre un web service .NET et des clients JAX-RPC (Java), NuSoap (PHP), SOAP::Lite (Perl), PyXml ou ZSI (Python).

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