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December 2008

Accroître les capacités des sélecteurs de jQuery

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Je suis sûr que vous savez tous qu'il est possible de créer des plugins et d'étendre divers aspects de la bibliothèque javascript jQuery, mais savez-vous que vous pouvez aussi étendre les capacités de son moteur de sélection ? Eh bien, vous pouvez ! Par exemple, vous pourriez vouloir ajouter un nouveau sélecteur :inline, qui retournerait les éléments qui sont affichés inline. Regardez :

jQZoom Evolution

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JQZoom is a javascript image magnifier built at the top of the popular jQuery javascript framework.jQzoom is a great and a really easy to use script to magnify what you want.

Simple jQuery Spy Effect | jQuery for Designers - Tutorials and screencasts

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The great thing about Realmac's QuickSnapper site is that if JavaScript is turned off, the list of snaps is visible by default. So we'll follow suit. It's also worth noting that their version only keep pulling in new items until it hits the end. I'll show you how you can keep the list looping, and in a follow up tutorial I'll show you how to hook this in to an Ajax hit that doesn't hammer your server and keeps the effect nice and smooth.

jQuery sIFR Plugin

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The jQuery sIFR Plugin is an addon for jQuery that makes it easy to replace text in a web page with flash text (sIFR).

November 2008

jQuery Google Charting

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A jQuery plugin that sets a division to request a Google chart.

Galleriffic | A jQuery plugin for rendering fast-performing photo galleries

Galleriffic was inspired by Mike Alsup's Cycle plugin, but with performance in mind for delivering a high volume of photos. This is my first experiment with jQuery, so I would love feedback on how to improve this plugin. Features * Smart Image Preloading after the page is loaded * Thumbnail Navigation (with pagination) * Bookmark-friendly URLs * Slideshow (with auto-updating url bookmarks) * Image fade transitions * Optional download link for the original image * Flexible configuration * Graceful degradation when javascript is not available * Now supports multiple galleries per page (View Multiple Gallery Demo)

s3Slider jQuery plugin - Overview

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The s3Slider jQuery plugin is made by example of jd`s smooth slide show script.

jQuery.popeye - an inline lightbox alternative | Christoph Schüßler » Informationsarchitektur und so

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The plugin transforms an unoredered list of images into a box displaying only one preview image at a time. The box has controls to skim through the preview images and to enlarge a given image. The box expands to accomodate the enlarged version, while the controls are hidden in full image size mode. A simple click on the image returns the box to its compact state. The compact box has fixed, automatically calculated dimensions. The widht and height are calculated so that all thumbnail images are cropped to the smallest width and height in the set and centered resulting image area (stage).

CrossSlide - A jQuery plugin to create pan and cross-fade animations

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CrossSlide is a jQuery plugin that implements in Javascript some common slide-show animations, traditionally only available to the web developer via Adobe Flash™ or other proprietary plugins. CrossSlide builds upon jQuery's animation facility, so it is as portable across browsers as jQuery itself (a lot.)

jQuery Corners

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This jQuery plugin will easily create beautifully rounded corners. No images or obtrusive markup necessary. Architectural features: * Less than 8000 bytes after yui compression. * Beautiful and fast anti-aliasing for older or stubborn browsers. * Degrades well for browsers with javascript turned off. * Native browser corners used on Safari, iPhone, and Firefox 3. * Form and anchor buttons are easily styled and rounded. * Documentation and test coverage (this file).

Un clone de LightBox en Javascript et JQuery | Le blog de Yohann CIURLIK | Spawnrider.Net :: Blog

Par Yohann CIURLIK le 17 novembre 2008, 23:11 Stephane Caron à écrit un clone du célèbre plugin Lightbox avec JQuery. Un plugin pratique réalisé en Javascript permettant de visualiser des aperçus de photos et d’images.

jQuery Plugin: Preload Images - NETTUTS

Today, I came across a great jQuery plugin that will preload your images. This file now has a permanent spot in my "resources" folder. The plugin essentially scans your CSS files and preloads all of the images within it.

jqzoom |

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allows you to realize a small magnifier window close to the image or images on your web page easily. I decided to build this jQuery plugin to embed detailed big images in my B2B.So now in few steps you can have your jQZoom in your website,eCommerce or whatever you want.

Geek Links on jQuery, PHP, CSS, XHTML, Web Design, Fireworks, Flash |

I have been geekn’ out a lot lately reading some really great articles as well as learning some new techniques. There is a little bit of everything here and if you are a web developer it will come in handy. If you are not into jQuery skip this first section, as I have been really digging into what can be done in jQuery. If you like what you see check out my Delicious feed, as I am always running across great links.

Jcrop Manual - Deep Liquid

Jcrop is a powerful image cropping engine for jQuery. It's been designed so developers can easily integrate an advanced image cropping functionality directly into any web-based application without sacrificing power and flexibility (or the weeks of coding, testing and debugging). Jcrop also features clean, well-organized code that works well across most modern web browsers. Here you'll find the documentation for Jcrop itself. This guide assumes that you have a basic knowledge of HTML and including files into a web page. At the end of the article, there are links to more advanced concepts and implementation techniques.

Create a Photo Admin Site Using PHP and jQuery - NETTUTS

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I'm pleased to present you with part one of a two part series on creating a photo site using PHP, jQuery, and AJAX. Originally, I intended to fit the entire tutorial into one screencast, but that quickly became a pipe dream as I realized that there was simply too much to cover. Nevertheless, even if you only watch this first video, you should learn a great deal. We'll be retrieving images from a database, creating a simple login form with authentication, and will then allow for our database to be asynchronously updated. Sounds good? If so, let's get into it.

October 2008 : jgrowl

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jGrowl is a jQuery plugin that raises unobtrusive messages within the browser, similar to the way that OS X's Growl Framework works.

Creating a Virtual Keyboard with jQuery

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Virtual jQuery Keyboard - Learn how to create a simple virtual keyboard with jQuery and provide your users with the option of using a virtual keyboard to key in their passwords and prevent keyloggers and other malicious software to track and record their passwords.

timeago: a jQuery plugin

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Timeago is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago" or "about 1 day ago").

Setting Equal Heights with jQuery | Filament Group, Inc.

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We wrote a script to "equalize" the heights of boxes within the same container and create a tidy grid — with little overhead. Creating the visual effect of equal-height columns or content boxes has been a challenge ever since we abandoned table-based layouts. When developing complex web applications or site designs we've found that it often makes the most sense from a usability and performance standpoint to use a simple JavaScript workaround: our equalHeights() function determines the heights of all sibling elements in a container, and then sets each element's minimum height to that of the tallest element. When JavaScript is disabled, the boxes or columns appear with varying heights, but the content remains legible and the page is still completely usable.

September 2008

Jcrop - Deep Liquid

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Jcrop is the quick and easy way to add image cropping functionality to your web application. It combines the ease-of-use of a typical jQuery plugin with a powerful cross-platform DHTML cropping engine that is faithful to familiar desktop graphics applications.

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