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October 2008

July 2008

How To Block Spammers/Hackers With mod_defensible On Apache2 (Debian Etch) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

mod_defensible is an Apache 2.x module intended to block spammers/hackers/script kiddies using DNSBL servers. It will look at the client IP and check it in one or several DNSBL servers and return a 403 Forbidden page to the client. This guide shows how to install and use it with Apache 2 on a Debian Etch server.

October 2007

o3 magazine | The Open Source Enterprise Magazine

Issue 8 provides a guide to deploying Email systems from End to End. Several columns look at each component of an Enterprise grade email solution using Open Source. These articles lead up to a discussion on designing Scalable SMTP Networks. This issue also looks at Voicemail / Email integration with Asterisk.