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November 2008

Qmail Howto | Nasim Mansurov

Full Qmail Installation and Configuration Guide or Qmail Vmailmgr Tcpserver RBL SpamAssassin Relay-CTRL Qmail-Scanner Courier IMAP Guide POP3S SMTPS

February 2008

Brent Meshier » Tuning Apache & MySQL for High Traffic Availability

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Here is a quick configuration guide for those running Apache & MySQL that will prepare your webserver for heavy demand. I manage a few webservers that handle 60 hits/second on average serving dynamic pages with this configuration. Using the right hardware and software you can mitigate a potential Slashdot Effect and live to tell the tale.

January 2008

ClusterMonkey - Building A Virtual Cluster with Xen (Part One)

This guide is the first of a series in which I give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a virtual cluster with Xen. The cluster thus built might not be appropriate for your case, and does reflect the author's preferences and/or needs, but if you are new to clusters or Xen, it will hopefully help you get started with both. The goal is to start it simple and then add more complexity as we progress, so in this first guide I show you how to get do the basics: * A Xen installation, the creation of 5 virtual machines (one to act as the master and four slaves), * Shared storage through NFS, * The network configuration on which to build the virtual cluster. The network structure of this first attempt will be very simple, the master having two network cards, one to the outside world and the other one connected through a switch to the slaves.

October 2007

Defining Macros With mod_macro In Apache | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

This guide is about mod_macro, which makes the job of managing an Apache webserver much easier, or just for the home developer with several test pages or projects. I will explain how to get it running and give some examples of how I use the module, to help you get started with using it.