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November 2008

Ponyfish RSS Feed Builder

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Ponyfish is a FREE web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page. All you have to do is simply point Ponyfish to the web page you want to create a feed from, then follow a few steps to setup which types of links you want to include in the feed.

Install and setup Xen on Debian 4.0 Etch — Lone-Wolf Scripts

Xen is a GPLed virtualization solution available in Debian 4.0 Etch repositories. This article help you to create a coherent Xen installation, with backups and minimum security enhancements. This guide fits my vision of a Xen setup. If it does not fit yours, you are free to adapt it to your needs, or to not use it. For information In this guide, i use the term "virtual host". Be aware that Xen use its own terminology. In a Xen setup, instanciated (aka. started) virtual hosts are called "Domains". Once your computer configured for Xen, all the operating systems run in "domains". The original operating system, where the Xen's control tools are installed, is called "dom0" (for domain No zero). All the guest operating systems are said to be installed in a "domU" (for User domain). As i'm a little lazy (well, yeah... very lazy), i don't want to endure this mind twisting, and i will mainly use the "virtual host" term in this guide. So, if you read this guide, don't by angry at me because of the terms i use.

September 2008

XtraFile » XtraUpload v2

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Written in PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework, XtraUpload has all the features you would expect from a file Hosting Script. Free users as well as premium users have the ability to upload files but premium users get a lot more features such as viewing files, instantly downloading files and getting the URL’s of the files they have uploaded. You can also specify the file types, sizes along with many other options. Each user must provide a valid email address when they sign up for premium as the script automatically sends the username and password to them upon reception of payment through PayPal IPN. File Hosting websites brings in large revenues and is a very easy system to setup thanks to XtraUpload.

June 2008

flv streaming with lighttpd

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1.4.11 got a new module for streaming Flash movie files called mod_flv_streaming. This module allows you to seek in FLV files using the high performance infrastructure of lighttpd. The idea is simple and explained and implemented on ‘Streaming’ flv video via PHP, take two at But instead of streaming the file through PHP we do it in the webserver. The module expects a request for the URL which matches flv-streaming.extensions and can handle a ’?start=’ as part of the request. The information to pass into the ‘start’ parameter is extractly by the flash-player from the meta-data of the flv-files. The meta-data can be setup with flvtool2 Now I leave it to you to combine this with mod_secdownload to create a flv-streaming server for free with deep/hot linking protected movies. server.modules = ( ..., "mod_secdownload", ## optional "mod_flv_streaming", ... ) flv-streaming.extensions = ( ".flv" ) Take the flash-player from flashcomguru and adjust the URL in the player and try yourself.

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