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ID Selector

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ID Selector: Quick Guide It's all about getting users signed into your website as quickly and efficiently as possible. It achieves this by providing a simple, consistent, provider neutral interface, and by educating the user about OpenID during the sign in process. In short, it makes OpenID easier for the end user and benefits both the relying parties and OpenID providers. What is the Selector? It's a widget that you add to the existing OpenID login form on your website. You embed a snippet of javascript code into your page, and it writes in an HTML button tag styled to match your CSS.

jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin v1.29 (2008-06-26)

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The Multiple File Upload Plugin (jQuery.MultiFile) is a non-obstrusive plugin for the jQuery Javascript library that helps users easily select multiple files for upload quickly and easily whilst also providing some basic validation functionality to help developers idenfity simple errors, without having to submit the form (ie.: upload files).


Styling File Inputs with CSS and the DOM //

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File inputs are the bane of beautiful form design. No rendering engine provides the granular control over their presentation designers desire. This simple, three-part progressive enhancement provides the markup, CSS, and JavaScript to address the long-standing irritation.


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Et un vérificateur de formulaire en plus..un. Celui-ci fonctionne avec moo.fx. Ce qui eld émarque des autres que j'ai pû voir, c'est la clareté de sa doc et l'apparente facilité d'usage. A noter que vous trouverez d'autres script s sur ce site suisse, tous clairement expliqués.

fValidator - An open source (free) unobtrusive javascript tool for easy handling form validation

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Nowadays everybody knows that javascript can be used to validate input data in HTML forms before sending off the content to a server. Despite of that, when there are many fields in the form, the JavaScript validation becomes too complex and boring to code. That's why fValidator exists, with it form validations are many times easier.


The Form Assembly - wForms - A Javascript Extension to Web Forms - The Form Assembly

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wForms is an open-source, unobtrusive javascript library that adds commonly needed behaviors to traditional web forms without the need for any programming skill.

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