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15 April 2006 21:15

SPAGOBI - SpagoBI Home Page

SpagoBI is a Business Intelligence Free Platform: a complete Free/Open Source solution for the development of Business Intelligence projects. SpagoBI is a complete suite for the development of Business Intelligence projects in an integrated environment. The new platform has the potential of covering the full range of analytical aspects, such as the data and metadata organization, static reporting and dimensional analysis, hidden information discovering by means of data mining techniques, the building of a structured and dynamic control suite with dashboard components. SpagoBI, enriched by a demo environment, offers an infrastructure supporting the analytical documents management, in term of activities to handle their approval process, release management, parametric activation and publishing in a portal environment with the visibility based on end-user’s roles. SpagoBI uses both most interesting and available free/open source software solutions and new software components in order to offer to the market a really integrated platform giving a standard vision of the different analytical areas, while keeping their peculiarities, through a cross and independent management of control and navigation variables on data

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