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Install and setup Xen on Debian 4.0 Etch — Lone-Wolf Scripts

Xen is a GPLed virtualization solution available in Debian 4.0 Etch repositories. This article help you to create a coherent Xen installation, with backups and minimum security enhancements. This guide fits my vision of a Xen setup. If it does not fit yours, you are free to adapt it to your needs, or to not use it. For information In this guide, i use the term "virtual host". Be aware that Xen use its own terminology. In a Xen setup, instanciated (aka. started) virtual hosts are called "Domains". Once your computer configured for Xen, all the operating systems run in "domains". The original operating system, where the Xen's control tools are installed, is called "dom0" (for domain No zero). All the guest operating systems are said to be installed in a "domU" (for User domain). As i'm a little lazy (well, yeah... very lazy), i don't want to endure this mind twisting, and i will mainly use the "virtual host" term in this guide. So, if you read this guide, don't by angry at me because of the terms i use.


VMWare and Xen Management with BixData | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

BixData is a system, application, and network monitoring tool which allows you to easily monitor nearly every aspect of your servers. The newly released version 2.6 is the only application that has the ability to control both Xen and VMWare virtual machines. You can control both VM Hosts (the computer that's running the VM software) and VM Guests (the virtual machines running on the hosts).

GPLHost:>_ Open source hosting worldwide _ Web spaces featuring GPL control panel

dtc-xen: brings a full Xen control panel to your Xen server by connecting a DTC panel to it - The Site for Xen automation

Xen Software xen-shell is a simple console shell for a hosting company to allow customers to control their own Xen instance. xen-tools is a collection of software which allow you to create new guest domains. Argo is a work-in-progress Xen monitor and control panel.

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