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Amy Editor - A Collaborative Text and Source Code Editor for Developers

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Core features * Works in your browser (*) * Support for any programming language (**) * Unlimited number of views for one document * Smart code snippets * Full internationalization * Real-time document collaboration * Programmable bundles with Editor * Various color themes * Remote commands, text manipulation * Supports opening documents via FTP, WebDAV, local computer, customized projects and various blog APIs * Easily embeddable to your own page * Host computer clipboard integration (*) Amy can be comfortably run on Safari and Gecko-based browsers (Firefox, Camino, Seamonkey,...) on any OS. It's runnable on Internet Explorer 6,7 and Opera 9 , but it's not officially supported and user experience may not be pleasant. (**) Languages are supported through bundles. It's very easy to add support for your favorite language (and/or dialects). Currently implemented are C, C , C#, JavaScript, Ruby (on Rails), PHP, Java, Texy and HTML. Text editing features * Syntax highlighting * Smart indentation for each language * Code folding * Bookmarks * Word completion * Insert/Overwrite mode * Unlimited undo/redo * Intelligent character pairing * Customizable key shortcuts (*)


Lire dans les bûches - Sysadmin en herbe

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Un bon admin doit lire ses logs régulièrement. En général parce qu'un système de surveillance lui a remonté un problème. Les logs sont en souvent très denses. Il existe un moyen pour les rendre plus lisibles. Il s'agit de coloriser le texte.

Pic2Color - le chercheur de couleur - AccessOWeb le Blog

Pic2Color - le chercheur de couleur - AccessOWeb le Blog


jQuery: Blog: » Zebra Table Showdown

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Making all tables on a page have striped (”Zebra”) backgrounds (different coloring on every odd row).

Color Palette Generator

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Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image a client wants to work with.


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