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Developer's Guide - AJAX Libraries API - Google Code

The AJAX Libraries API is a content distribution network and loading architecture for the most popular open source JavaScript libraries. By using the google.load() method, your application has high speed, globally available access to a growing list of the most popular JavaScript open source libraries.

htmlwrapper - Google Code

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Wrapper is a cross-browser compliant HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page. Wrapper eliminates cross-browser issues and makes integrating ActionScript and HTML/CSS projects possible without needing to compile. Wrappers strives to answer the most common problems web designers face without forcing them to learn too many new things. Most web sites can be created in HTML or CSS, then when you need to extend Wrapper's capabilities you can either use JSON to call functions within ActionScript or you can load compiled plug-ins. Wrapper also has built in methods within CSS to load custom fonts, display elements as any shape, and fill them with linear or radial gradient background colors. ActionScript's event model is also implemented within Wrapper's HTML. Wrapper's best features are the ones that you get for free because of how it is set up. It's like getting all the great features of the Flash Player without needing to deal with compiling and being able to create your content the same way any HTML page would be created. Wrapper is fully accessible to the search engines and integrates well with any back-end technology. Wrapper is currently released as a fully functional open source beta for Flash Player 9. Wrapper is set up as a pre-compiled plug-in but can easily be integrated into any Flex or AIR applications or even as an ActionScript framework for creation of compiled projects.

modconcat - Google Code

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This emulates a feature in danga's perlbal. the ability to join multiple files together in a single request. This is a performance optimization. instead of requesting 5 seperate CSS or javascript files from your server, you can do it one request.

ratproxy - Google Code

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Google vient d’annoncer qu’il proposait son outil Ratproxy, permettant de dénicher les failles de sécurité dans les sites web, sous licence Open Source Apache. Chaque webmaster digne de ce nom pourra ainsi utiliser le logiciel, disponible sous FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X ou Windows, pour savoir si son site présente des dangers d’intrusion ou de piratage. Google indique que pour l’instant, le système est en version bêta et qu’il n’est pas infaillible, l’utilisation de solutions plus complète et l’analyse humaine d’un professionnel restant encore aujourd’hui indispensable.

Google Website Optimizer

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Google Website Optimizer est un service proposé par Google pour comparer différentes versions de votre site et ainsi choisir les meilleurs options compte tenu des expériences utilisateurs de vos visiteurs. L’installation est a priori simple, il suffit de paramétrer une expérience et puis d’installer un petit code javascript pour tracker les informations. Et puis de tester des variations de design, de logo, d’image, de navigation, bref tout ce que vous voulez tester…

scalr - Google Code

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Scalr is a fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment utilizing Amazon's EC2. It allows you to create server farms through a web-based interface using prebuilt AMI's for load balancers (pound or nginx), app servers (apache, others), databases (mysql master-slave, others), and a generic AMI to build on top of. The health of the farm is continuously monitored and maintained. When the Load Average on a type of node goes above a configurable threshold a new node is inserted into the farm to spread the load and the cluster is reconfigured. When a node crashes a new machine of that type is inserted into the farm to replace it. 4 AMI's are provided for load balancers, mysql databases, application servers, and a generic base image to customize. Scalr allows you to further customize each image, bundle the image and use that for future nodes that are inserted into the farm. You can make changes to one machine and use that for a specific type of node. New machines of this type will be brought online to meet current levels and the old machines are terminated one by one. The project is still very young, but we're hoping that by open sourcing it the AWS development community can turn this into a robust hosting platform and give users an alternative to the current fee based services available.

galleria - Google Code

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Galleria is a javascript image gallery written in jQuery. It loads the images one by one from an unordered list and displays thumbnails when each image is loaded. It will create thumbnails for you if you choose so, scaled or unscaled, centered and cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box defined by CSS. The core of Galleria lies in it's smart preloading behaviour, snappiness and the fresh absence of obtrusive design elements. Use it as a foundation for your custom styled image gallery.

ath - Google Code

full featured application load balancer for reverse proxy apache httpd mod_proxy

ie7-js - Google Code

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IE7 is a JavaScript library to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser. It fixes many HTML and CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6.


ganeti - Google Code

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Ganeti is a virtual server management software tool built on top of Xen virtual machine monitor and other Open Source software. However, Ganeti requires pre-installed virtualization software on your servers in order to function. Once installed, the tool will take over the management part of the virtual instances (Xen DomU), e.g. disk creation management, operating system installation for these instances (in co-operation with OS-specific install scripts), and startup, shutdown, failover between physical systems. It has been designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers and to provide fast and simple recovery after physical failures using commodity hardware.

Google Maps PHP Class: Phoogle Maps | systemsevendesigns Freelance Web Development Cornelius, NC

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Phoogle Maps (pronounced like Foogle Maps) is a PHP class that integrates itself with the Google Maps API and with the Google Geocoding API to make an easy to use interface to display Google Maps on your site. With about 5 lines of PHP code you can display a customized Google Map on your website. Please note that you will need a free Google Maps API Key to use Phoogle Maps

gelato cms - di molti sapori

The gelato project is open source (you can use and change the original source code freely). You can browse the source code, request features, read the wiki and use the forum from the Gelato home at Google code or you can contact the authors.

2006 : portail PHP et MySQL - Génération de document OpenOffice avec PHP

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Il est possible de produire des documents de traitement texte a partir de PHP : OpenOffice repose sur un format XML compressé, qu'il est facile de manipuler depuis la plate-forme. Ce tutoriel de PHPHacks vous met le pied à l'étrier avec PHPDocWriter, un ensemble de classe permettant de produire des fichiers OpenOffice. Notez aussi le projet de Alexander Pak dans le Google Summer of Code, dont le but est de produire une extension PHP pour produire aussi des fichiers .ods. Cela moderniserait considérablement les solutions actuelles, mais aucun code n'est encore disponible.

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