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Croc l’informatique » Blog Archive » Configuration d’Awstat pour VSFTPD et log XFER

Awstat permet d’avoir des statistiques détaillés sur l’utilisation d’apache, des serveurs ftp, postfix … Il utilise les fichiers logs des services réseau. Le fichier conf doit avoir ces paramètres pour qu’il puisse parser les logs de type XFER :

Dotdeb » Blog Archive » Calculate statistics from your Qmail logfiles using Awstats

Awstats is a commonly used program to calculate web statistics from your webserver logfiles. It can detect useragents, referers, unique visitors… But one of its another feature is to build usage reports from your mail server’s logfiles, as seen on this demo. Here is how to quickly configure Awstats to take profit of your Qmail log files…

Installer et configurer AWStats sur Debian 4.0 Etch — Lone-Wolf Scripts

AWStats (pour Advanced Web statistics) est un outil très performant d'analyse de fichiers logs. Il est capable de traiter les logs de vos serveurs HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc. Je l'aime beaucoup car sa présentation est simple, et ses statistiques pertinentes. Ce guide vous aide à l'installer proprement sur Debian 4.0 Etch.

BSDspot » Getting Awstats to Work with Qmail

To get awstats to work with qmail log files I use this little script from Bob Hutchinson called qlogs4awstats.


Statistiques web avec AWStats sous Ubuntu en mode CGI (Hébergement,Apache,bash,Dedibox,Ubuntu,Linux) - ~tigrou/

Statistiques web avec AWStats sous Ubuntu en mode CGI (Hébergement,Apache,bash,Dedibox,Ubuntu,Linux) - ~tigrou/


·» AWStats how to install & configure, resources, enhancements and extra sections extensions (AWStats open source web log analysis tool) - Antezeta

This area focuses on resources to enhance the functionality of the web analytics tool AWStats. These resources have been developed based on our client needs. As a contribution, we offer them here. Some may even make it into a future version AWStats!


AWStats Totals 1.7

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AWStats Totals is a simple php script to view the AWStats totals (Unique visitors, Number of visits, Pages, Hits and Bandwidth) of multiple sites. The page has a month selection input form and you can sort on each column. It also includes a php wrapper script.

MSSV - Multiple Site Statistics Viewer

A simple addon script for the AWStats package to allow a user to view statistics for multiple sites (usually Virtual Hosts) on a single page. Written in PHP, it requires minimal configuration and is very fast, and can be easily adapted to custom setups.

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