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Vintage Vantage - Land of the Free, Home of the Fresh

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Once upon a time, things were fresh.Then, things took a turn for the not so fresh. But, with the help of some good people just like you, Vintage Vantage has been working like loco to bring back the fresh since 2001. I'm Sarge, the guy who stuffs the packages. Get fresh with us.


UOVO is an opinions and culture Mag, a Mag of illations, confessions, convictions, fantasies, dreams, fancies, whims, obsessions, an esthetic magazine devoted to art in every ways, which the only aim is defining a new imaginary to draw near myths and new talents.

D A V I D * L A C H A P E L L E

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Of all the photographers inventing surreal images, it is Mr. LaChapelle who has the potential to be the genre's Magritte

!!!! DOG IS DOG !!!!

déambulations///miss van

contemporary fashion archive

Le CFA - Contemporary Fashion Archive est un projet événementiel international de recherche pour le design de mode contemporain. Cinq institutions européennes renommées du monde de la mode se sont alliées pour mettre au point pour la première fois un réseau d'informations qui détecte et présente les positions actuelles et les évolutions du design en matière de mode

:: SHOWstudio ::

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In its first three years, SHOWstudio has developed into a high-profile fashion broadcasting initiative with over 200 contributors including Kate Moss, Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Björk, Julie Verhoeven and Yohji Yamamoto, all collaborating with Nick Knight and a team of leading practitioners to create over 140 projects with an increasing emphasis on live broadcasts.

Silas and Maria

1st Edition website for the fashion label Silas and Maria. Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design and Development. Co-produced with Ben Sansbury.

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