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01 January 1970 01:00 - Introduction to XML in Flash: Example: MP3 Playlist

Introduction to XML in Flash<br /> by senocular

Home of Dani and Claus Wahlers, and the DENG Modular XML Browser

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DENG is an award-winning, open source Modular XML Browser, capable of rendering subsets of XForms, SVG, XHTML, XFrames, arbitrary XML (e.g. RSS) and any other custom XML application, styled by CSS 2 and 3, while allowing extensibility, customization and integration into other Macromedia Flash MX applications through Actionscript.

FW Album Creator

The Fireworks Album Creator allows you to create Flash galleries/slideshows without knowing how to use Flash simply by selecting a folder(s) with images, adding slideshow options, automatically batch images and generate a slideshow for use on the web. We also included the Flash Slideshow Template FLAs for those that know how to use Flash and prefer to modify the layout for more detailed customization techniques instead of adding hundreds of parameters to the XML output.

Xoetrope - tools and services for smart application development

XUI 2 now makes it even easier to develop smart, feature rich applications.

DB Designer To Propel - XML Converter

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DB Designer 4 TO Propel Schema Converter


xmlSiteMaker - is php-based xml+xslt framework for offline-site generation.

Epc phpm - PHP Wiki

The phpm program is a small shell application that generates a XML file with all the function calls that comes with PHP, it will then give you the correct function parameters for any function if called from, for example, Vim/Emacs.

Incito - Interactive Everything

SwfJax is a new approach to asynchronous JavaScript and XML applications using revolutionary Flash technology.

Fjax - an open, lightweight methodology for Ajax-style development

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Fjax is an open, lightweight, cross-browser methodology for Ajax-style web 2.0 development