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01 January 1970 01:00

goowy media home

goowy (re) is a rich experience site which helps you manage your digital lifestyle. We provide you with a fresh and powerful environment for managing your webmail, contacts, calendar, rss, widgets (search, bookmarks, photos, weather, stocks, quotes, scores, etc.), and fun flash games.

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A massively multiplayer online game or a collaborative live art project? You decide - TheBroth is crazy addictive fun for everyone! Create colorful artworks with an Ajax-driven Web 2.0 application. Instant online playing fun - no download or plugin required! Get your own free room now!

Tudu Lists - Homepage

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Tudu Lists is an on-line application for managing todo lists. With Tudu Lists, todo lists can be easily accessed, edited and shared on the Web. It is a simple but effective project management tool.

Logahead - Just blog.

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A brand new blogging engine with a 'keep it simple' philosophy. Designed from the ground-up to be fully buzzword compliant (AJAX, RSS, Web 2.0 - it's all there), logahead lets you effortlessly do what blogs were invented for - Create your website

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Create a website with a click of a button and start maintaining it immediately.

We make bugs pretty, because bug tracking should be fun - 16bugs

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16bugs lets you manage your bugs from a simple and productive interface.

MODx CMS - Content Management System | CMS and PHP Application Framework

MODx is an open source CMS that helps you take control of your website. It makes updates easy, empowering end-users with as much control as you desire over website content and update frequency. This site demonstrates some of its capabilities: blogging tools, user comments, RSS feeds, dynamic menu generation when adding or removing pages, built in search, integrated forums and bug tracking software, strong security and private/protected web pages...

TurboWidgets, presented by TurboAjax Group

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TurboWidgets are JavaScript client-side controls that provide a rich user-interface experience for AJAX-style web applications. Built on top of the popular Dojo Toolkit, TurboWidgets are designed for ease-of-use and flexibility.

the zoop framework - Php development without the suck.

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Zoop is an object oriented framework for PHP that`s fast, efficient and easy on the programmer. Plus we throw in all the buzzwords you can handle. AJAX ? Check. Web Forms 2.0 functionality ? Got that too.

Fjax - an open, lightweight methodology for Ajax-style development

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Fjax is an open, lightweight, cross-browser methodology for Ajax-style web 2.0 development

Home Page - SWiK

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SWiK is a community driven resource for open source software. Try starting a page about your favorite project, syndicating a blog for a topic, or browsing through tags people have added to projects or pages. SWiK contains information and news about thousands of open source projects and people are constantly adding cool new stuff.

Top 10 Ajax Applications (Part 1) » A Venture Forth » Blog Archive

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Ajax programming techniques have recently generated lots of buzz for good reason: they can be used to create interesting browser-based applications that do things many thought impossible with typical web browsers (in particular, a certain Ajax technique can send and receive data to and from a server without requiring the browser to refresh or reload). <br /> <br /> Following are my picks for the 10 best Ajax applications. Selection criteria: (1) an appropriate combination of simplicity and rich functionality, (2) somehow compelling (hard to define, but I know it when I see it), (3) the more interactive, the better, and (4) free. Also, in this exercise, I’m focused on startups, so I’m not including anything from Google (maps, Suggest), Microsoft (Kahuna), or Yahoo (Flickr).

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Planzo is an exciting new online calendar that makes planning your day simple and easy.

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