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Gizmo is a Free Phone for Your Computer<br /> That makes calling as easy as instant messaging

SineApps Daily Asterisk News and VoIP services

SineApps is able to provide consultation services to VoIP providers, call centres and ISPs on how best to develop and deploy mission critical systems using the most efficient means possible.

Tycho Softworks -- Telephony Enabling Business Processes

Tycho Softworks is a provider of professional services and commercial incident support worldwide to users of GNU Bayonne for both traditional wired circuits and the rapidly growing Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) telephony market. Our company develops solutions exclusively using Free and Open Source software. Our own software is publicly developed as part of the GNU Telephony community. While Tycho Softworks specifically helps to develop and provides commercial support for GNU Bayonne, we do develop solutions using various free software for our clients. We offer over 10 years of expertise in developing custom telephony solutions.

Worldwide GNU Telephony Resources

GNU Telephony is a meta project dedicated to the development and promotion of the use of free software for telephony. This project is used to directly support the GNU Common C++ family of libraries, telephony application servers such as GNU Bayonne, ip/pstn gateway packages such as Troll, and some other useful telephony related free software packages which I activily maintain.

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