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01 January 1970 01:00

Jabbin International - The first VoIP client for Jabber

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Jabbin is an Open Source instant messaging program that allows free PC to PC calls using the VoIP system over the Jabber network.

VoIP & Gadgets Blog

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VoIP & Gadget blog with the latest news in the VoIP and gadget space, smart phones, product reviews, opinion & analysis.

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PhoneGaim: The All-In-One Instant Messaging and Internet Calling solution - Cockatoo

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Cockatoo is a project about implementing SIP/SIMPLE as an extension for Thunderbird (XPCOM component/XUL interface) that enables users to phone contacts and see their presence state.


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Gizmo is a Free Phone for Your Computer<br /> That makes calling as easy as instant messaging

SFLphone, an Open Source VoIP client for Linux, Windows, MacOS/X -

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Voice over IP tends to be part of more and more corporate (and home) networks today. As Open Source Software become more and more popular in companies, we decided to provide the community with a new powerful and open platform for desktop-based Voice over IP. SFLphone aims to become your desktop`s VoIP companion. -

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Welcome to the VOIP Wiki - a reference guide to all things VOIP

Tapioca - TapiWiki

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Tapioca is a framework for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM). Its main goal is to provide an easy way for developing and using VoIP and IM services in any kind of application. It was designed to be cross-platform, lightweight, thread-safe, having mobile devices and applications in mind.

SineApps Daily Asterisk News and VoIP services

SineApps is able to provide consultation services to VoIP providers, call centres and ISPs on how best to develop and deploy mission critical systems using the most efficient means possible.


TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet. TeamSpeak consists of both client and server software. The server acts as a host to multiple client connections, capable of handling literally thousands of simultaneous users. - FREE CALLS to regular phones over the internet!

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FREE CALLS* to regular phones over the internet. Just install the free VoipCheap application, plug a headset in your PC and start calling instantly! Get a free VoIP-In phone number and receive calls as you do with your ordinary phone.

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

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Gizmo is a Free Phone for Your Computer

Tycho Softworks -- Telephony Enabling Business Processes

Tycho Softworks is a provider of professional services and commercial incident support worldwide to users of GNU Bayonne for both traditional wired circuits and the rapidly growing Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) telephony market. Our company develops solutions exclusively using Free and Open Source software. Our own software is publicly developed as part of the GNU Telephony community. While Tycho Softworks specifically helps to develop and provides commercial support for GNU Bayonne, we do develop solutions using various free software for our clients. We offer over 10 years of expertise in developing custom telephony solutions.

Worldwide GNU Telephony Resources

GNU Telephony is a meta project dedicated to the development and promotion of the use of free software for telephony. This project is used to directly support the GNU Common C++ family of libraries, telephony application servers such as GNU Bayonne, ip/pstn gateway packages such as Troll, and some other useful telephony related free software packages which I activily maintain.

Glaxstar - Client Project - Voispter Zoep

Voipster is an open source Internet Telephony company specialising in offering VOIP software and services.

VoIP User - the Voice over IP resource

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This VoIP website is an independent information guide dedicated to the subject of Voice IP telephony over the internet and other data networks.

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