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Free Tutorials and Articles. Learn WML, WMLScript, WAP 2.0, XHTML MP, WCSS/WAP CSS with Help of Code Examples

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Welcome to Developers’ Home.<br /> <br /> Here you can learn various mobile technologies like WAP / WAP 2.0, WML, WMLScript, XHTML MP, WCSS / WAP CSS and SMS through our free tutorials, articles and examples. This web site can help programmers who wish to extend their knowledge to the wireless world. We will introduce to you the skills needed to develop and maintain sites and applications for wireless devices. Code examples provided in the tutorials and articles follow the standard of the corresponding technology. After reading our tutorials and articles, you will understand how to build your own mobile application using the latest technologies.

OpenOffice tutorials - Online Flash movie based OpenOffice training

Even though OpenOffice is free, you will need to invest some time to learn OpenOffice, It’s a fantastic program but, like any other program, it will take a while to learn.

Página do Eitch - Tutoriais

Os tutoriais deste site são livres! Isto quer dizer que você pode copiá-los à vontade para seu site, imprimir, distribuir pra seus amigos, indicar, e todas essas coisas, sem precisar nem me avisar que tá fazendo isso. Bem, se avisar melhor que eu fico sabendo, mas não precisa :P Mas tudo isso é permitido sim, desde que se mantenha os créditos e a URL original deles. Obrigado e bom proveito :)


This section contains a number of free to use code listings and tutorials that describe how to write the code and why we recommend the code should be written in the way it is.

Ajax Projects - Asynchronous Javascript And XML

Ajax toolkits, frameworks and tutorials.

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