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01 January 1970 01:00 - News

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Test driven development (TDD) is emerging as one of the most successful developer productivity enhancing techniques to be recently discovered. The three-step: write test, write code, refactor – is a dance many of us are enjoying. This site is dedicated to promoting techniques, tools, and general good will in the test-driven community.<br /> Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Selenium: Selenium

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Selenium is a test tool for web applications. Selenium tests run directly in a browser, just as real users do. And they run in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. No other test tool covers such a wide array of platforms.


AsUnit can help you build automated test fixtures for SWF applications that are built in almost any development environment, and deployed to almost any modern Flash Player. AsUnit is the primary means by which developers can truly implement Test-Driven development practices in ActionScript projects.

PhpUnit - unit testing framework for PHP

PhpUnit - unit testing framework for PHP

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