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01 January 1970 01:00

Jabphone - Jabber to phone gateway

Jabphone (beta!) allows you to call your friends on the phone and to send SMS messages to their mobiles, anywhere in the world, using the Jabber Instant Messaging system.

Teleflip Home

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Teleflip™ started when the founder became increasingly frustrated at his inability to send text messages to friends' cell phones from his PC. It was of course possible, but you had to know the cell phone provider, the correct domain name and the correct syntax for the email address. There had to be an easier way....Teleflip™ was born.

[ don`t text it, ]

i-text provides a service to all those looking to receive top-quality text messaging at an unbelievable price. At the same time, it brings information, advertisements and, thanks to i-text`s partnership with i-movo Limited, valuable vouchers and exclusive offers, right to the users` fingertips. That`s good news for you.

Vazu Developer Zone

Vazu is proud to offer a full-featured API to developers of SMS applications. The API is free, flexible, and simple to use. We`re eager to help small- to mid-sized developers add text messaging to their applications and to spur innovation in the mobile phone software community. (We also work with large developers as well, but they will probably want to talk to us directly.)

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