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01 January 1970 01:00

[ don`t text it, ]

i-text provides a service to all those looking to receive top-quality text messaging at an unbelievable price. At the same time, it brings information, advertisements and, thanks to i-text`s partnership with i-movo Limited, valuable vouchers and exclusive offers, right to the users` fingertips. That`s good news for you.

Spell with flickr

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What is this? Spell with Flickr is a small program that lets you type in whatever you want, then goes to flickr and grabs pictures for each an every letter! It also allows you to change the images that you see, so you can find better images for your word or phrase! - FREE CALLS to regular phones over the internet!

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FREE CALLS* to regular phones over the internet. Just install the free VoipCheap application, plug a headset in your PC and start calling instantly! Get a free VoIP-In phone number and receive calls as you do with your ordinary phone.

ReminderFeed - Your RSS Reminder Service

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ReminderFeed is a FREE reminder service that delivers reminder messages right to your feed reader.

We make bugs pretty, because bug tracking should be fun - 16bugs

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16bugs lets you manage your bugs from a simple and productive interface.

toread - an email-based bookmark service

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"toread" is an email-based free bookmark service.

Photo Slideshows with Music: - Add Flash to flickr, myspace, xanga, and Blogger

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Slideroll™ is a photo slideshow maker that you can use to create dazzling slide shows with your digital pictures.

Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera

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Convert photos of whiteboards and documents into searchable PDF files.<br /> <br /> scanR is a powerful service that automatically:<br /> <br /> * cleans photos of whiteboards and documents<br /> * tags documents with extracted keywords<br /> * delivers the results as PDF files or faxes

Site24x7 - Features

Monitor performance and availability of websites using HTTP and HTTPS requests, from end-user perspective, 24 x 7 x 365.

Beeplet: timed alerts

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Beeplet...<br /> Timed alert

Sidewalk, The easiest way to gather and analyze customer information

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Create custom forms in a matter of minutes. Then, place them on your Web site with a simple copy and paste.

Project management software, free timesheet time tracking, bug tracking, gantt chart, collaboration software

Websystems Inc. is proud to introduce AceProject – the next generation of high-level project management software solutions for today’s corporations. Improve your organization’s productivity. Get projects done more quickly and intelligently.

Online Web Based Project Management and Tracking - is a free, online, web-based team project management application that you use with your web browser.

Welcome to News Alloy - RSS Reader, Blog Reader, News Reader, Imformation Management Solution

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News Alloy is a FREE service for discovering, reading, and sharing Internet news and information.