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Hardened-PHP Project - PHP Security - Home

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Founded in 2004 by three Security Researchers from Germany, the Hardened-PHP Project has the goal to help you with securing your applications and webpages. We check well known applications for security holes and inform the vendors about them.

Linux@DUKE: Htmlfilter

Htmlfilter for PHP<br /> <br /> This is a set of PHP routines to make sure that untrusted HTML code is safe to display in a end-user`s browser. This filter was originally developed for SquirrelMail, but now has a life of its own, as it is used widely outside the initial project.

Main Page - SecurePHP

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From SecurePHP<br /> <br /> SecurePHP is a wiki about PHP security

Technoracle (a.k.a. "Duane's World")

Circumventing PDF with gmail? Not!!

SpikeForge: Spike PHP Security Audit Tool: Project Info - Spike Developer Zone

Spike PHP Security Audit Tool Home Page Project Home Page This is a new open source tool to do static analysis of php code for security exploits

RSA In JavaScript

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The example below uses my 100% JavaScript multiple-precision math library. The encryption exponent is small-ish, making for faster encryption. Presumably, decryption would be handled on the server, where things aren`t as slow.

shfs kernel module

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Shfs is a simple and easy to use Linux kernel module which allows you to mount remote filesystems using a plain shell (ssh) connection. When using shfs, you can access all remote files just like the local ones, only the access is governed through the transport security of ssh.

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