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01 January 1970 01:00

WP Tiger Administration // Ordered List by Steve Smith

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The current default WordPress administration area is functional, but I felt it could be improved. For several reasons, I didn’t want to touch the XHTML framework of the admin, but instead relied on the power of CSS2 to manipulate the presentation. The whole package has been wrapped up into a single plugin. Just install and activate. The new design will be immediately visible.

XPather - XPath Generator and Editor

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XPather<br /> <br /> ...generates XPaths while browsing or inspecting HTML/XML/*ML documents; evaluates your XPaths and inspects the results; extracts the content.

jQuery Plugin: numeric

jQuery Plugin: numeric

Java – Get Acquainted with Eclipse Plug-Ins

Discover Eclipse plug-ins. Begin by learning how to create one, archive it for installation, and debug it

jQuery Taconite Plugin

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jQuery 'Taconite-ish' Plugin This code requires jQuery version 1.0 Note: This is not a true plugin; it's just a function tucked into the $ namespace. You can rename it anything you like.


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A Photoshop Plug-in that lets you save as editable Flash .fla files.

Markus` Blog » WP-TinyMCE

WP-TinyMCE is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easilly install and configure a WYSIWYG editor based on TinyMCE.

mogrify » project page is WordPress plugin that displays bookmarks for one user in the sidebar. Bookmarks are organized by tag, and placed in a dynamic menu so that the list can be expanded and collapsed at will. It will also work outside of WordPress with very little modification.

KFM - Kae's File Manager - an Ajax file browser

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KFM is an ajax file manager/browser which may be used stand-alone, or as a plugin for a rich-text editor, such as the FCKeditor project.