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01 January 1970 01:00

Eclipse Plugin Central :: The Definitive Eclipse resource center and marketplace for the Eclipse Ecosystem

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Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC) offers the Eclipse community a convenient, information-rich portal that helps software developers find open source and commercial Eclipse plug-ins, tools, and products that enhance the entire Java software development life-cycle.

jQuery - plugin - panView

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jQuery plugin: panView Creates a pan view, hold down your mouse button and start moving.


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PMetrics Performancing Metrics WordPress Plugin » CronMonkey

CronMonkey for WordPress 1.5+ allows WordPress admins to manage cron jobs from within WordPress. Right now, it features a simple, form-based interface for editing individual jobs. It’s a piece of cake to choose when a task will run, though entering the command to run still requires some knowledge of *nix. Advanced users won’t have any problem though, since CronMonkey also allows users to directly edit the text of the crontab by hand and post it to the system.

WordPress Hooks

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A directory of all of WordPress’ hooks. Very much a work in progress!

Gianni Milanesi's Weblog > AjaxWp

AjaxWp - An AJAX enhancement for WordPress blogs

Polyglot | skriker

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This post is here to introduce the plugin called “Polyglot” - plugin for complete and easy localization of your blog into several languages. Polyglot is based on Language Picker. If you have any problem reading documentation of Language Picker can be helpful. I have developed it for my private use but some other guys/gals could be interested (hello Mihailo:o) as well.

Neato » Ultimate Tag Warrior

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Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) is a tagging plugin for wordpress. It allows storing a set of keywords (or as current slang dictates, tags) against posts that behave like categories - the tags can be displayed on a post, you can go to the archive page for a tag, and there are RSS/atom feeds available. Unlike categories, you can also view archive pages and feeds for sets of tags such as the posts which are tagged with both “photograph” and “food”, for example.

jQuery - plugin - wrapInner

jQuery plugin: wrapInner Wrap my element on the inside, please!