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Class.Jabber.PHP is an object oriented solution to make Jabber connectivity for your website, bot, or even IM client as simple as possible when using PHP. CJP gives you complete abstraction from Jabber/XMPP so that you don`t have to worry about API to the server, and instead focus on the quality of the Jabber features that you are implimenting. One of the ultimate goals for CJP is to be included in the PEAR PHP library. - The PEAR channel portal :: Start is the channel aggregation portal for PEAR compliant channel servers. You can browse channels, search packages and download releases from PEAR channels directly from here.

Welcome to the uPEAR REST Aggregator

The uPEAR REST Aggregator started as a small project by myself, Andrew Heebner. Yes, if that name sounds familiar, i was the owner/operator of for quite some time. Yes, it`s gone... poor wally, but, all for the better things.

Zoop Framework for PHP - home

Zoop is made up of many components and integrates many different projects including smarty ( and the prototype AJAX framework. It also makes use of PEAR modules ( The efficient core components handle many of the functions you would have to code yourselves. Zoop`s integrated error handling can be configured to log errors for production environments, and is highly informative and readable which makes bugs easy to find and squash.

There and Back Again ยป HTML_AJAX

HTML_AJAX is a PHP/JavaScript library released through PEAR for doing various AJAX requests with PHP

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